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Advertise instantly on Page 1 of Google today, with 90% of searches in the UK going through Google, you’ll be in front of your customers, and only paying per click on your advert. We do all the work for you.



The first step is to understand your keywords and those that you should


Next, we’ll setup your campaign including: ad copy, link to correct pages,
and budget your ads.


Finally, we’ll monitor our success and carry out A/B testing (test ads against
each other) to understand which advert most engages your potential customers.


Q: How it works?

A: Advertising using Google Adwords sets maximum bids for the amount of money you are prepared to pay per click. Google calculates each keyword in your PPC Campaign, it then takes into consideration the advert (ad copy) and landing page (page on your website) quality to give you a Quality Score.

The Quality Score along with your maximum bid set by your advertisers then determines the position your advert appears in.

Q: Why Google Adwords?

A: Google has is by far the leading and most profitable pay per click advertising around with 90% market share of search engine users. Microsoft Adcenter is the next biggest network which includes Bing and Yahoo. Find out more from our PPC Hertfordshire staff.

Q: How will we improve your Campaign

A: When taking over your Google Adwords Management from other agencies the first thing we will do is cut out any non-converting traffic, and re-write ad copy to improve click through rates (CTR). This means that your cost per conversion is reduced… saving you money.

Then, when your new ad copy is both compelling & inviting, we will focus on optimising your landing page to maximise conversion rates from your improved CTR. Typically, when improving a landing page we will modify until it includes the following features: relevance, clarity, user friendly, and contains a clear call to action. In a fast moving & competitive world, your website users want immediate results, anything otherwise, and you could lose their attention, & business.

Q: Getting Started…

A: Our team of Google certified staff provide a thorough and detail analysis of your Adwords campaign on a monthly bases. With us you’ll recieve: monthly reports, analysis, and improvements on your campaign for your Google Adwords Managment package.

Get started today by calling our team on +44 (0) 207 183 6657.

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