10 Reasons Why Most Websites Use Stock Photos

By Ronald Bien

You might have seen several websites that uses stock photos and wondered why they use it. Many people are really asking why websites use images in their posts. Some are even appalled and irritated when they see stock photos in a site and consider it as inappropriate. Some people think that using stock photos is useless for a site.

Naldz Graphics make use of stock photos in our posts. We do this especially that we are a graphics and design website. We cannot just post mere texts to give you tips and other informative articles for it would look plain. Also, it would not give you the Naldz Graphics feel. Since we are trying our best to give you quality articles, we always make sure that everything you see in the site is appealing to your eyes and vital for your mind. Hence, to give more justice in using stock photos, we will give you the reasons why websites use stock photos for it is not only Naldz Graphics that do this. Find out why.

  • It adds visual appeal.

    Your website looks more appealing if you use images or stock photos. It will add beauty and color to your site. This is more pleasing to the eyes of the readers and would encourage them to read your post. An appealing website is attractive to the eyes of the readers. It will also help enhance the beauty of your website.

  • It makes the site lively.

    Your website will look dry if you do not use stock photos. These photos for sure are of good quality, so it will no doubt make your website look livelier. If you will only see text, it will not make the site look dynamic and energetic. Using images will give your site a very lively look which will also make it look more inviting and welcoming for the readers.

  • Reading is not boring.

    For some people, reading is a boring task. That is why using images is effective for it stimulates the reader’s eyes to read your posts. Children’s story books have pictures so that the kids will still continue reading because of the images in it. Same is true with your target audience. They won’t read your site if they will only see text. First thing that will come to their mind is boredom.

  • Gives visual presentation to text.

    When your prospect readers come to your site, they will not directly read the contents. Most of them will scroll down and check what your site can offer. With stock photos in it, they can get the message from your text. Although, it might not be as detailed as your text, at least, they will have an idea as to what your post is about.

  • It attracts readers.

    Most people just browse a website, trying to check if there are interesting things in it. They wouldn’t really read everything. They will only read the titles and headings but not the contents. But if you use stock photos, you will be able to get their attention. It will even be more effective if you use pictures that are high in quality and eye-catching.

  • It helps you prove a point.

    For sure, you would like to relay a message to the readers through your post. But, there could be times when the readers could not fully understand what you are trying to point out. You do not have to worry for your images will do that work for you. Actually, even without reading the entire detail, they can easily get your point through the stock photo.

  • Readers can easily relate to topic.

    One look at the stock photo, the readers can immediately grasp your idea. They can easily relate to the topic in your post. With that, they can assess if they would like to know more about it or not. They can check if it is their line of interest or not. But, your goal should be to let everyone read your post, even if they are not that interested to it. You can even think of ways to lure them into reading your post by making it look interesting to them.

  • Let’s the audience get your emotion.

    Every photo has a different emotion. It can convey various messages to the readers, too. The emotion of your photo is the emotion of your post. But you also have to make sure that you are relaying the right emotion. If your heading says “fulfilled life”, do not use an image of a pouting or stressed person. You have to be careful in choosing an image for it greatly affects the response of the readers.

  • It arise reader’s curiosity.

    At first glance, your reader will immediately be curious. When a reader sees your stock photo, they would ask themselves why you used that picture. This will encourage them to read your post. They will be curious as to what would be the explanation of using such image in a particular topic.

  • It makes the site look more inviting.

    Just like a well- decorated home that looks welcoming with its unique design, your site will also have the same feel. If it is well-designed and adorned with pictures, more people will be interested to read your posts. It will look more inviting and they will surely enjoy browsing and reading the contents of your site. They will even become a regular reader if you maintain the quality of your posts.

It’s Your Turn Now

No matter how much one will disagree, we really cannot deny the fact the stock photos are relevant for websites. It enhances the site’s beauty and could make reading a lot easier. But we should also bear in mind that although images are important, we also need to read the text in order to really get the details of the post. There could be times that you have a different understanding of the photo and might misinterpret it if you do not read the context. So, it is important to read the contents no matter how many words the picture has painted. What do you think of stock photos used for a website’s content?

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