5 Essential Components to the Perfect Office Space

Having an office space can do a lot for a business. For one, it helps give the business a professional image.

When you meet new people and potential clients, you don't want to hand them a card that bears your home address, do you? Nor would you like to set up meetings with clients at a coffee shop or your patio.

An office space makes things a lot easier. It gives you a place to put everything you need to run your business and it allows you to oversee and better manage your employees.

But you have to make sure that renting out space and putting desks and chairs is not enough. You have to make sure your office looks great and is conducive for workers. Remember that the work environment can have a strong influence on how your employees perform.

Unless you want disinterested, bored, and unproductive employees, make sure that your office space has all the essential components.

Here are five things your office space needs to have:

You need to have some private space when conducting closed-door meetings with clients or one-on-one talks with an employee


  • You need to have office furniture. It's one of the first things you must take care of. Look for chairs, tables, bookshelves, filing cabinets, and other essentials that look good, durable, and more importantly, ergonomically designed so employees won't experience neck, shoulder, and low back pains.
  • Make sure that every piece of your office furniture is something that will add to the office's appeal.

Organization systems

  • You'll deal with a lot of documents once you start operation. And before things get out of hand, you have to find a way to properly organize papers.
  • Great organization systems are a must. These will save you a lot of headache in the future.
  • Figure out a way to efficiently file all documents. Create something similar for all computer files and emails.
  • This should make it easier for employees to pull out documents when needed. They save time, effort, and money.

Computers, copiers, and wireless internet laptops

  • Obviously, an office will not run without technology. Invest in really good computers, servers, copiers, and fax machines and a very reliable Internet connection. These are things that will help you operate smoothly.
  • Of course, you shouldn't forget wireless internet for laptops. Today, having laptops in the office is better than desktop PCs because they allow employees to take their work wherever they are—during client calls, meetings outside the office, and site visits.
  • With laptops, you can be sure that employees won't have an excuse for not replying to important emails or uploading files to the company server.

Doors or separators

  • While cubicles look good and can save small companies money, having doors and separators can make things easier for management. You need to have some private space when conducting closed-door meetings with clients or one-on-one talks with an employee.
  • Also, there will be times when you need to shut out everyone else to become more productive.

    Cool office gadgets and stationery

  • There are little things that make office life a lot more convenient for employees. You should not forget these because they can make the office less cluttered so cleaning crews won't have to experience hell when tidying the office.

Aside from the usual stuff, like stationery, other cool office gadgets like cable drops (those things you stick to the side of the table to hold cords), tin storage boxes, virtual laser keyboard (allows you to use any flat surface as a computer keyboard), and even a mobile desk.

Don't forget to include these things in your list when prepping up your new office space. Invest time, effort, and resources in setting up your office because its look and feel will have a significant impact on your business.

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