A guide to understanding the regulations and guidelines in the laboratory

Lets start with what the government has to say about safety in the laboratory – “Any test facility which conducts, or intends to conduct, regulatory studies must comply with good laboratory practice (GLP) regulations when carrying out safety tests on:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • agrochemicals
  • veterinary medicines
  • industrial chemicals
  • cosmetics
  • additives for human food and animal feed
  • biocides” -(gov.co.uk)

These Laboratory Regulations and lab safety rules have been put together to ensure safe working practices, environmental protection and operating efficiency with regard to the use of a laboratory.

Safety precautions in the laboratory are to be achieved by responsible, competent and correct use of the buildings, installations, machinery and equipment, as well as an economical use of energy, water and other media. 

Regulations should help:

  • Safeguard the health and physical safety of laboratory users
  • Keep damage to a minimum in the case of accidents
  • Avoid environmental pollution.

Want to know more and further your knowledge about lab safety rules? Find out more about our safety in the laboratory courses. 

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