An amazing exhibition inspired by playgrounds and board games

Experimental Jetset's latest exhibition design project brings together five diverse exhibitors using a strong graphic framework.

A group show curated by Philadelphia-born, Amsterdam-based artist Angela Jerardi, Game Theory formed part of the second Biennale at the CAFA Museum in Beijing-and Experimental Jetset was tasked with tying it all together.

It ran from 28 February to 20 April 2014, which unfortunately meant that opening night coincided neatly with the studio’s trip to Cape Town for Design Indaba."It's really unusual for us to conduct an exhibition from such a distance,"they admit."We usually install everything ourselves -trying to perform, execute and ultimately suffer through our own designs. In this case, it was simply impossible."

Although thousands of miles away, the trio exerted full control over the design and layout of the exhibition by building a scale model of the floor plan out of cardboard. "It's basically a deconstructed playground, or fragmented board game, with sloped panels for display,"they explain.

The resulting exhibition had a graphic framework marked on the floor with black tape, with display boards propped at various angles to add layers of interest to the different exhibitors' work. Besides Experimental Jetset, these included YKON, Constant Nieuwenhuys (New Babylon), Temporary Services, and The Yes Men.

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