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National Museum of National History Virtual Tour:

I have choose this day Deep Ocean from National museum as an example of a different type of virtual Tour.

The Link is :

My article will be about Definition of Virtual Tour

By Daniel Ketchum,

If you have ever gone to a website and clicked on an application that allowed you to move through a building or other structure, then you have been on a virtual tour. These types of tours are becoming more common these days, and are used by a variety of industries, from architectural and construction firms to travel companies and real estate firms. They are mainly used to convince someone of the virtues of a place that does not yet exist (In the case of an investor or bank), or that the individual has never seen (in the case of a person planning a vacation).

  • The Movie Version

    One type of virtual tour is basically little more than a movie that shows the interior of a computer-generated building (CGI) as seen from various angles as a camera appears to move through it. Or it might use photographs taken from every angle to create the animation sequence. This type is usually shown as a presentation to a group, will little or no interaction on their part, or as an online movie you can watch or download.

  • Interactive Tour

    Another type is most often seen on websites, and involves the same kind of fly-though as the first type, but usually allows the viewer to interact in some way, such as allowing the viewer to select which tour they take, or change the angle of the camera as it moves. In order for this type to be interactive, it is usually in Flash format, with clickable controls. Again, it might be based on CGI or photographs.

  • How They Are Made

    Virtual tours are created using 3D modeling and rendering programs,. Sometimes, the modeling part of the project (in which the artist creates a 3D model of what is being toured, and then textures it) is done in one program, while other aspects of the project, such as the rendering of animation, is done in another.

  • A Production Example

    Sometimes the model is exported to a landscape program like Vue Infinite, which can create highly realistic terrains and ecosystems to place the model in. In this case, a terrain is created for the model, then an ecosystems of plants and trees is added. The animator then goes to the timeline and selects various frames as he slowly moves the camera in the scene on the path he wants the tour to take. Finally, the animator renders out the animation and saves it in a usable format such as AVI.

  • How They Are Used

    Virtual tours are widely used by contractors or architects when they are proposing a major project and are trying to either get funding for it, approval from some agency, or both. Virtual tours are also sometimes used by hotel chains or travel agencies to allow potential visitors to get some idea of the kind of accommodations they can expect before they reserve a room or space. Real estate firms frequently use virtual tours that allow a potential client a quick look at the interior of a property without them actually having to schedule a visit.

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