Executive Jobs at Shopping Malls

By Danielle Fernandez, Demand Media

Shopping mall executives don't always work in retail stores.

Like most corporate commercial organizations, shopping malls require an executive staff to oversee and maintain daily operations. There are a number of these types of positions providing daily support, all of which typically require at least a bachelor's degree as well as extensive retail -or, in some cases, position-specific-experience. Additional graduate coursework may be required as well. The ideal candidate for a shopping mall executive job enjoys the fast pace of the retail environment and is able to provide effective management of numerous employees.

Marketing and Communications

An executive working within the marketing department of a shopping mall is responsible for overseeing the mall's advertising campaigns and the promotional design staff that implements them. The ideal candidate has strong verbal and written communication skills as well as extensive experience in marketing and promotions. A knowledge of retail demographics is of utmost importance, as is the ability to navigate and create communications plans so that the mall’s ad campaigns are successfully executed and goals are achieved. An educational background in marketing and communications is essential, though the level of required education may vary based on past marketing experience.

Information Technology, Information Systems, Engineering

An executive who works within the Engineering or IT department of a shopping mall's corporate offices is responsible for overseeing the development, implementation and management of the software and websites that support the mall's computer system and Web presence. This might include an e-commerce platform, database management or interactive features like games and videos posted to the mall's main Web page. In most cases, this executive position doesn't require retail experience as much as computer knowledge. While a computer-related degree is typically required, this professional must likely also maintain a variety of current computer certifications.

Human Resources

A shopping mall's human resources executive is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the company's hiring strategy. This typically includes ensuring the mall's human resources policies are followed as well as managing the human resources personnel who participate in job fairs, college seminars and other employment events that attract individuals interested in becoming mall associates. These executives must have a high level of experience in human or industrial psychology — typically a graduate degree — and generally get to the executive level by working through the ranks of the shopping mall’s human resources department.

Franchise Operations or Franchise Relations

Though the position may operate under various titles, this type of executive position entails overseeing and interacting with the franchises operating within the shopping mall. This professional might work to bring in the stores that belong to a specific brand or may be responsible for interacting with store managers and ensuring the stores' compliance with the company's policies and objectives. A working knowledge of various government requirements, standards and health and safety codes might be required, and the ideal candidate has at least a bachelor's degree in hospitality, retail operations or a related field.

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