Online Data: The New Oil

The author explains behavior marketing and its possible ramifications on people.

Being online allows people to connect to one another in ways that were not possible before. It has given Internet marketers a new window into the lives of would-be clients, yet it's also a double-edged sword. If you are not prepared, you will end up not only losing your potential customers, but giving their information to potentially dangerous people.

When you have a privacy policy in your campaign, you're protecting your clients, while gaining their confidence concurrently. In regards to your client, few things are more important than their trust and security. When they discover that your website gave out information, willingly or not, they're going to stop utilizing your services.

Behavioral advertising is something that has been appearing on-line in the last few years, and it's helped target specific products to many potential clients. This process is distinct from unsolicited advertising because advertisers pull information by observing exactly what the customer does, and then suggests products and services that may benefit that person using the information obtained. Some customers like this because of the simple fact that they are getting personalized suggestions that they are actually interested. However, there are customers that will not like the fact that their web browsing activity is being tracked and that they are constantly being monitored.

Yet another thing to pay attention to is that the people that collect this data also pass it on to marketers so they can better market their products and services. In a sense, this is the next step in marketing, and there is no site that may not have data pulled from it. Even sites like Facebook have already started to offer data about their users to marketers. This also means that data collected on your website can be used by these businesses to assist other agencies.

If you look at the bulk of clients, you'll realize that they tend not to like having their data given out to marketers. The FTC has also been covering this issue since the 1990's, conducting research and determining what exactly is acceptable. For now, there's two options that users can pick from: opt-in and opt-out. A client who chooses to opt-out is one who really doesn't want their information given out, and does not want to participate in any data collection. If they choose to opt-in, they may be allowing your online business to access to their information, such as Facebook accounts.

However, it is also critical to understand that a individual who has chosen to opt-in doesn't necessarily wish to be bombarded with advertisements and unsolicited emails. In the event you bother them too much with phone calls and faxes, you can face the realistic probability of losing your clients confidence and having them opt-out. Instead, use the information they have given you create specific marketing that is far better suited for that person. By showing them that you are thankful for their cooperation and you have products they can benefit from, you happen to be gaining the consumer's faith.

Finally, it all comes down to trust and choice. The consumer possesses the choice to opt-in or opt-out, and marketers must follow that decision. Should you follow their requests and provide great service, you will be able to gain the client's trust and their service. It only takes one time to lose a client's trust, so make sure that you ensure that your sites safe and let visitors know if they are participating in any data collection and that you will honor whatever choice they make. You can be thankful that you did.


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