The Top Ten Qualities of an Accounting Supervisor

Scatterbrained types don't usually go over well in the finance world.

Some people have a knack for dealing with numbers. They often parlay that skill into a career that involves finances, including a career as an accounting supervisor. If you're in this category and are considering becoming an accounting supervisor, make sure that your skills and qualities fit the bill.

Attention to Detail

Working as an accounting supervisor calls for a sharp eye for detail. The position requires careful supervision and analysis of financial transactions, account balances, budget items, taxes and other important data. It also calls for routine tracking of financial documents.

Organized Minds

Successful accounting supervisors are organized and meticulous individuals. Not only are they in charge of putting together financial statements, they also have to manage a wide array of documents in general, from invoices to annual reports.

Ability to Handle Problems

Being effective at managing problems is another important quality of successful accounting supervisors. They have to be able to identify issues, gather key information and make practical determinations based on their findings.

Strong Leadership

Strong leadership skills are vital for an accounting supervisor. They are responsible for overseeing the performance of other workers in their departments. They're also frequently in charge of delegating different duties to staff. In addition, accounting supervisors might provide training to department staff and keep workers updated on new regulations and procedures.


If you want to succeed as an accounting supervisor, it helps to think about things logically. You must be able to assess and comprehend detailed and complex financial data and quickly determine if something looks out of place.

Excellent Communication

Successful accounting supervisors are strong communicators. As the leader of the accounting team, you must be able to explain complex data in simple terms, both verbally and in writing. You must also be able to provide clear instructions to staff.

Customer Relations

Like any supervisor, you might occasionally come into contact with customers, particularly if you lead an accounting firm that provides services to businesses and individuals. You must maintain a professional and courteous demeanor with customers and work quickly to answer their questions and address their concerns.

Grace Under Pressure

If you're an accounting supervisor, hectic and chaotic days are part of the job. To be successful, you should be able to work well under stressful and high-pressure conditions, especially during busy seasons such as when quarterly reports or tax returns are due.

Computer Savvy

A career as an accounting supervisor requires a certain level of computer expertise. Account supervisors should be well-versed in the use of accounting software and adept at learning new programs.

Strict Professionals

If you want to be an accounting supervisor, you should always maintain a professional and respectful attitude in the workplace. Because you are in a leadership position, you must set an example for the rest of the department. Accounting supervisors also need the ability to keep sensitive financial matters private and out of the hands of people who are not authorized to see it.

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