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  • 3 Days
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Available languages: English | Arabic

Everyone needs to deal with incoming “stuff” on a daily basis, whether they are mails, emails, calls, information packs, messages, your own thoughts or even random events like the breakdown of your car. We need to deal with a collection of unrelated stuff at work and at home using only “one” mind. If you increase your efficiency in dealing with these, you stand to gain enormously.

However, successful people also have aspirations and goals to be monitored and moved forward. Hence, the essence of any time management system comes down to knowing where you want to go and how to get there and also know how to deal with everyday issues that may not be in your control.

To successfully use a time management system, you also need to have the right mental attitude, know how to look at time, and use mind tricks to become more efficient.

This course teaches you how to respect time, become goal-oriented, efficient and productive. We aim to present to you the principles behind a successful time management system that you can understand, accept, evolve and shape based on your own life style. A time management system that is created by you is more likely to be adopted and used than one which is forced upon you. You will see many examples and guidelines towards this system.

In this day-long highly practical course you will learn:

  • Why goal-oriented thinking makes you far more productive
  • How to systematically plan for an outcome
  • How to organise your daily activities and feel productive like you have never felt before
  • How to free your mind from thinking continuously about critical tasks
  • How to use mental techniques, such as labeling to feel better about time
  • How to say “No” easily and know when to say it
  • How to stop procrastinating
  • How to take advantage of dead time to achieve more
  • How to plan if you don’t like planning
  • How to deal with people in respect to time
  • How to deal with interruptions politely and stay in control
  • How to delegate and feel good about it

You will get to practice many methods during the course and you also receive detailed course material for study and reference after the course.

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