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 Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

As more and more organisations invest in their future leaders, Executive Coaching is fast becoming the top choice when it comes to improving leadership & management performance.  This type of coaching leverages the inherent wisdom and knowledge of the executive and enables them to find their own solutions. 

Executive Coaching will transform the coachee, deepening his/her awareness of their unique strengths and talents as a foundation for unlocking their full potential.

Why Executive Coaching?

Organisations that are investing in their future leaders outperform the market and attract and retain the best talent; Executive Coaching is an effective way to improve leadership & management performance whilst your executives apply their skills to your business.

Executive Coaching provides expert facilitation by your LondonTFE coach with the ability to tap into the inherent wisdom and knowledge of your executive coachee, enabling ownership and creativity in the solutions that your executive will discover.  Keeping your best talent performing at their best, and ready to grow with the business into more senior roles.

Executive Coaching is transformational for the coachee, it will deepen the individual’s self-awareness of unique strengths and talents, aligned with contribution to the business, as a foundation for unlocking their potential.

When you are offered Executive Coaching, you will be aware that you have been identified as a highly valued and talented member of your organisation. Executive Coaching will provide you with a strong understanding of your strengths, preferences, values and areas of development.  As you progress through the organisation, Executive Coaching will support you to deal with the challenges you face. 

It is ideal for those..

  • New in Post (90 Day)
  • Aiming for Promotion or Expansion of Responsibility
  • Going through Organisational Change and Restructure
  • Dealing with Organisatonal Challenges and Transformation

It will enable you to..

  • Develop an awareness of self and capabilities
  • Boost your confidence in facing challenges
  • Identify and clearly state what you want, whilst maintaining healthy relationships
  • Examine and choose the best options
  • Increase your motivation, sharpen your focus and increase impact and performance
  • Create development plans to support you in reaching your goals

Executive Coaching will..

  • Develop an awareness of self and capabilities
  • Improve confidence in facing challenges
  • Increase assertiveness and the ability to identify and clearly state requirements
  • Develop and improve judgement and decision making 
  • Increase motivation, sharpen focus and so improve performance
  • Provide development plans to support coachees in reaching their goals

The Key Coaching Elements

The LondonTFE approach to Executive Coaching means that it is tailored to your specific needs.   We offer coaching programmes as individual as you are.

The coaching process is confidential between the coach and coachee, though at times the coach may encourage the coachee to share their objectives with people who may be able to support them in achieving their goals (e.g. line manager, team etc.).

The Coaching Process

  • Our professional coaches will have an initial session to build trust/rapport (‘chemistry check’) and get an understanding of the individual’s goals and past career history and lived experience.  For our international clients, this may be an intensive coaching workshop of 1-2 days depending on the level and goals of the client.
  • Assessments to help you develop a sense of self and your strengths and areas for development.  Our coaches draw on a range of psychological tools and methodologies to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.
  • Defining your individual coaching goals and objectives.  This may include seeking input and agreement with your sponsoring organisation.
  • Producing realistic and actionable development plans and effective strategies for action to ensure a sustained change.
  • Ongoing support – most of the sessions will be face-to-face, though support can be offered by phone, skype, or email at regular intervals as required.

Our Coaches

LondonTFE Executive Coaches will have your best interest as a priority and give you support and skills to enable you to improve in your desired areas.  Our coaches are qualified and experienced, and have worked with business leaders in all sectors.

Consulting Services

We also offer specialist consulting, for roles where you need an expert to perform a fixed piece of work for your business, often in a short timeframe without the additional expense of recruiting and training a new staff member. 

This can include :

  • Strategy Review
  • Profit Improvement Planning
  • Sales Process Review
  • Developing HR Strategy
  • Programme Management
  • …and more

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