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About Us

As one of the UK’s fastest growing training companies with over 300 courses on offer in more than 21 locations worldwide, London Training for Excellence is transforming the training landscape, impacting organisations and individuals through results-centric programmes and solutions that deliver measurable, sustainable change

Our ethos is to improve performance through highly relevant, innovative programmes that enable you to experience new prospective by learning in new environments – a focus on ‘real-life’ educations that inspires and impacts far more profoundly than traditional class-room models.

We become your training partner, your coach and guide as you embark on a journey to realise you and your organisation’s full potential – we challenge you every step of the way to embrace relevant new ideas and perspectives, and to perform at peak levels; we advise you on proven, workable solutions to achieve your strategic aims; and we guide you to facilitate, optimise and sustain the process.

We have drawn on our people’s industry expertise, business acumen and insight to craft solutions that impact participants’ productivity and enable them to deliver their full potential. Our programs reflect the need for practical solutions and useable knowledge, our course leaders and instructors tailor content to coach and guide you to identify and achieve your outcomes.

Our People

Our leadership team is drawn from and eclectic range of business and education backgrounds and boasts diverse, fresh perspectives from hands-on experience working in a variety of fields and regions of the world.

All share a passion for education and a strong conviction that learning and the development of organisation’ greatest asset-its people- can impact profoundly on performance and results across the board.

“We listen. We apply knowledge to solutions with measurable results. We support the process and ongoing, sustainable change…”

The leadership team values tangible results and focusses on providing insightful, high quality, high value and innovative programmes that deliver measurable impact and results.

As such, our approach fuses proven pedagogic /teaching practices with a consultative, result-centric outlook that emphasises the practical application of knowledge to your strategic aims and needs.

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