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Maintaining the success of a business is not easy, everything changes with time. A business must keep up with the changes in order to stay on top of the business world. London TFE offer courses in Brussels to assist individuals in gaining the right skills to move a business forward.


Brussels training courses are designed for individuals looking to extended and apply their knowledge in business, as well as familiarise themselves with future changes. Courses included Training Strategies and Preparation of Training Plans, Advanced Skills of the Bid and Tender Management Process, Handling Pressure and Prioritising Emotions at Work and Building High Performance and Creative Teams.

Upcoming Courses

Fraud Investigators Course

5 Days Brussels £3,335.00

Successful Sales Performance and Account Management

5 Days Brussels £3,335.00

Effective Office Management and Administrator Skills

5 Days Brussels £3,335.00

Importance of Safe Guarding Children and Victim Support

5 Days Brussels £3,335.00