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Mumbai is one of the world's top ten centres of commerce in terms of global financial flow. Businesses and organisations thrive in India’s largest city. Mumbai training assist businesses to train semi-skilled individuals who have the potential to achieve more.


London TFE offer courses in Mumbai individuals to acquire skills to manage an organisation as well as all its members. The courses focus on ways to improve a business, manage unexpected challenges and introduce new techniques. Courses include Anti Money Laundering, Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering and Developing the Skills of Marketing and Sales Managers.


Upcoming Courses

Management of Bad Debts

5 Days Mumbai £3,630.00

High-Performance Leadership

5 Days Mumbai £3,630.00

Chemical Reactors Design, Operation and Control

5 Days Mumbai £3,630.00

Enhancement of Administrative and Supervisory Skills

5 Days Mumbai £3,630.00