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10 reasons to use WordPress January 14, 2017

10 reasons to use WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. The programme is installed on a web server which can either be hosted on an internet hosting service or a network host. WordPress has become very popular as it is used by more than 26.4% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2016; the programme has plugin architecture and a template system. WordPress is extremely easy to use and has been supporting 60 million websites worldwide.

Who uses WordPress?

There are plenty of fortune 500 companies and celebrities using WordPress as well as bloggers, music sites and news outlets. For example famous blogs such as Mashable and Vice are both on WordPress, you can always find out who exactly is using WordPress by visiting their website and heading over to the WordPress site showcase.

Here are the 10 reasons to use WordPress:

1. WordPress is easy to setup, update and manage. You will not need to be an IT wizz or a coder to use WordPress, you simply need an internet connection and an internet browser to create your website that is tailored to your company. You need to simply signup for the free account and get your website running in two minutes.

2. WordPress was originally started as a blogging system but that was many years ago. Since then WordPress has been evolved into a full feature web content management system. Now you will be able to manage your blogs and websites.

3. WordPress has thousands of designed themes but there are many that are free to use, your website will look professional without the expenses of hiring a web designer.

4. There are thousands of WordPress plugins that add functionality to the system. The plugins add complex features to your website without adding a coder. If it is a simple contact form or a full featured ecommerce system there are many plugins that meet your business needs.

5. WordPress is very search engine friendly as it solves many SEO problems, you can also add plugins such as the free Yoast SEO plugin which will make your site even more search engine friendly.

6. WordPress is extremely popular with all the quality themes and plugins many people want to use it. At least 26.4% of all websites are powered by WordPress.

7. WordPress has a large community of users so it is natural that if you are having technical issues you can ask the community. You can exchange ideas on the WordPress forum or in person at Word Camp events around the world.

8. Mobile usage is exploding everywhere; many companies have created mobile websites to meet with the demand of smartphones or tablets. Your website will be extremely popular if customers can access it on their phones. Customers can overlook your website if it is slow or not mobile friendly; many WordPress themes are designed to be responsive with mobile devices. Your website can be managed on the go via a mobile device also.

9. WordPress is a mature software, which has been refined, enhanced and tested over the last 10 years.

10. WordPress unlike other website building programmes is an open source code and free from commercial restrictions and limitations. This means that you can host your website anywhere you choose. This is in the knowledge that someone else’s business model will not have an impact on your website.

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