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10 things to look for when comparing training courses May 23, 2018

10 things to look for when comparing training courses

10 things to look for when comparing training courses

There are plenty of courses in London to choose from, but which one do you go for. When choosing a course to study, there is no set way or rules to follow. You have to look at all the possible pros and cons. It all comes down to what is important to you.

Here are 10 factors you have to consider when choosing a course for yourself. 


The first thing that anyone looks for when choosing a course to study is the location. For some people, location is the most important thing as they do not want to be too far from home. On the other hand, there are people for whom location does not matter as long that the quality of education is outstanding. 

Entry requirements

Entry requirement is very important, if you do not meet the requirements, you will not be considered for the course. It’s important to find courses that suit your predicted grades or your actual grades. There is no point looking at courses that have requirements that you cannot match. Not only is that a waste of energy but it’s a waste time that could be used to apply for courses that are more suitable for you. 

Does it motivate you?

A high salary in a particular field can be a great way to motivate yourself to learn and try excellence in that field. This method may work for some people but the truth is, if you do not have a genuine interest in that field, that motivation could fade away. Ensure that you have a genuine passion for your chosen subject to make sure that you have a good chance in succeeding.


Checking whether the course that you want to study has the relevant accreditation by the industries bodies is very important. There is nothing worse than studying a course that is not recognised by your selected industry. Having the relevant accreditation is vital for your career growth as it will distinguish you from the competition and put you one step ahead.

How you will be assessed

Most courses can be assessed in many different ways. It could be exams, group work, practical tests, coursework’s and presentations. This could have a huge impact on how successful you will be at the end of the course. We all know that people have their strengths and weaknesses, it’s important that you find out your strengths and weaknesses. Once you find out what you excel in, pick a course that fits your type of learning and examinations for the best possible results.

Customer Satisfaction

Most training providers will have people who want to give feedback about the courses and if you are thinking about doing a course, why not take a look at them. The training provider will usually have track record so do not be afraid to look into customer feedback from past courses.


Whether you are doing a university course or training courses London, most courses will cost money. So it’s something that you should look into. Once you meet the entry requirements you should look into the cost as some may be well out of your budget. Find somethings that works for you financially and go from there.

Hours of learning

Hours of learning could be important to some people as they may have other things going on throughout the week. Training courses and short courses London, usually are flexible for the working person but you should do you research on the hours of learning. You may discover that the course is not right for you and the hours of learning may not work for you.

Course Content

One thing that most people tend to look over is the course content. People do not realise that the content of the course you are studying could determine if you stay motivated to complete the course. You should always go over the information provided on the course and read all the areas covered. This is important as some people do not end up liking the content and tend end up dropping out.

Career options

It's always a good idea to study new courses and gain more knowledge but you should also try and think about where you could end up once you are done. You should be looking into how the course could help in your career and where you could end up in a couple of years. The more you look into the career benefits of the course, the more motivated you will be to do well in the course.

Not sure what training course is right for you? Read more about the training courses in London we have available.

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