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10 ways great office managers stand out July 27, 2018

10 ways great office managers stand out

10 ways great office managers stand out

What is an office manager?

The office manager has an important role in the business; they are responsible for the activities in the office. They may be responsible for other employees; they have to be fair and have a consistent manner. Office managers usually are required to have a general degree or have extensive work experience to be qualified for the position.

Most businesses prefer their office manager complete office manager training. The office manager has many different roles; this can be simple as greeting customers, handling the office finances or even ordering stationary. 

Typically ffice managers are fully responsible for using and maintaining computer systems, this has been a big change from the paper documents that might have been in place previously. Some office managers might even take on accounting responsibilities if they work for a small firm. They can look after the payroll expenses, send invoices and process paperwork. The office manager might be asked to ensure that overtime is monitored, ensure that expenses remain low as possible and that all invoices are paid on time.

Companies will help admin staff to get promoted to office manager status, they can do this by management training programs. Having an office manager can be a big benefit to the company as they can take on many different roles within the company.

  1. The office manager needs to be able to communicate thoroughly, they will need to be a good writer, active listener and a professional communicator. They should be able to carry messages from other managers down to frontline employees and be able to relate to employees.
  1. Great office managers are always organised and stay that way consistently. Even though they have many different projects they are able to keep it under control. They are consistently keeping the office tidy but this doesn’t happen overnight, office management skills are honed over many years.
  1. Office managers are usually seen as project managers of the office. They oversee and complete different projects but they need the tools to support such as tablets and smartphones. They can have a to do lists on apps such as asana.
  1. A good office manager is always in the know, they know all the different kinds of information about employees such as their stresses, their workload and personal preferences.
  1. Top office managers always make running the place look like a breeze, they are fully efficient at their job role. They are very good at keeping their cool when there are issues.
  1. Excellent office managers are able to always be flexible with their work load, they might have an unpredictable day but are able to adapt to it and keep a level head. This can be the deciding factor between a good office manager and someone that is mediocre.
  1. They are able to cultivate company culture, they keep an ear out for employee satisfaction and engagement. They come up with different ideas of how they can make the office environment better for the employees.
  1. For an office manager to stand out they need to know what employees respond to the most. Do they respond to weekends away and if so this can be rewarded to them when they excel at their work.
  1. Great office managers are constantly trying to learn on the job to try and better them in the role and gain more knowledge of the industry. They will enrol on different courses to better themselves.
  1. Office managers are the company’s document keepers, they ensure to help employees with office policies and ensure that all documents are kept current and secure through the years. If any employees have any questions, they can point them in the right direction.

Want to improve your office management skills to stand out? Contact us to find out more about our office management training programs.

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