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3 simple factors to consider when choosing a training location July 4, 2019

3 simple factors to consider when choosing a training location

3 simple factors to consider when choosing a training location

Are you thinking of taking a training course but finding it hard to choose a location? You may have found the course you want and have also picked a date that suits you, but where will you go?

For individuals that have the opportunity and autonomy to choose a location for their training course, the options are endless! London Training for Excellence offer over 21 + locations across the globe!

You may be overwhelmed by choice but do not worry, London Training for Excellence have nailed down 3 simple factors for you to consider when choosing a training course location, that will make your decision easier and will point you in the right direction so that you feel ready to choose.


1. Distance

Before choosing a destination make sure you know how far it is! This may sound silly but do your research in finding out how long the flight time is to get to the destination before choosing a city.

The distance and the flight time can have a huge effect on your whole experience. The length of your flight and journey to your destination can determine if you are jet lagged or not when you arrive, it can effect your sleep pattern and it will mean that you have to dedicate more time out of your schedule to travel.

For some people long flights do not matter and they enjoy the experience, some others hate long flights and refuse to do them! Regardless of how you feel about flying you need to make sure you choose a training course location that is the right distance for you. With so many choices there is no reason you need to choose a place that will make you dread the journey. Choose a distance that you can enjoy, and the travel will become a pleasant part of your training experience and journey.


2. Weather

Another important factor to consider is the weather of the destination that you are considering as a training location. Whilst it is currently Summer across most of our London Training for Excellence global locations, the intensity of Summer heat can still vary a lot across the destinations.

Whilst some people prefer hot climates other people prefer cooler temperatures. Some people may choose a training location to escape extreme heat at home or they may choose a training location based on wanting to experience some warmer weather. Whatever your preference, consider what type of weather you would prefer during your training experience before locking down a training location.

Keep in mind as well as training you will have some time to explore the city you have chosen so think about the type of temperatures you prefer walking around in to ensure you can enjoy your time outside of the classroom as much as your time inside of it!


3. Things to see

Take the opportunity to choose a destination that has something appealing to you and is a destination that you want to explore as a tourist. Although the location you choose is for your training and ultimately it will be a business trip, you will have time each day after training to explore the city. Make sure you make the most of this time by choosing a destination that you have always wanted to visit and explore.

With so many training locations why not choose a place that is high up on your list of places to see! Whether you fancy exploring London on a big red bus, seeing the Eiffel tower or exploring the canals in Amsterdam, the choice is yours and the opportunities are endless!

Why not take the opportunity to cross something off your bucket list whilst undertaking training for your professional development! Now that is multitasking at its finest!


To explore all of our London Training for Excellence training locations follow the link here:

If you need help choosing a training location, why not talk to our London Training for Excellence Training consultants? They can give you some great advice about choosing a training location and will be able to help with any questions or concerns that you may have! Contact us at or call +44 20 7183 6657.

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