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3 Unusual and unique things to see and do in Munich! September 24, 2019

3 Unusual and unique things to see and do in Munich!

3 Unusual and unique things to see and do in Munich!


Are you visiting Munich for a training course or considering Munich as your choice of training location?

Are you wondering what there is to do there after your training is done for the day?

The city has a lot to offer such as great food, a welcoming culture, lots of history, a lovely park and plenty of shopping!

That is not all either! The city also has some lesser known interesting and unique sights to see that you may not be aware of.

So, if you want to experience something different please read the blog below and let us give you some ideas for a unique experience in Munich.


1. Watch locals surfing in the English Garden

Surfing in a garden? Yes, you did hear right!

One of the most unique things to see in Munich is the surfing that take places in the English Garden. The English Garden is a large urban park in Munich. The park has several artificial streams that flow through it and it is in the Southern Edge of the park that one of the streams has a standing wave produced from a rapid change in water flow.

Surfers take the opportunity of this artificial wave to drop into the water with their boards in order to surf this wave. After losing balance or finishing their turn the surfer will drop back flowing downstream allowing the next surfer to drop in. Due to the small space and intense wave this type of urban surfing should only be done by expert or skilled surfers.

This artificial surfing spot has become popular with Munich surfers who drop past after work or in the mornings for a quick surf in their wetsuits (which is a must especially in the colder months).

Due to the novelty of being able to surf in an urban park, the spot has also become popular with tourists to come and check out the scene! Definitely an unusual sight to see!


2. Watch the famous Marienplatz Glockenspiel in action

Looking for another unusual sight in Munich!? The famous Glockenspiel in Marienplatz, should be on the list.

The Glockenspiel was built in 1908 during the building of the New Town Hall erected in Marienplatz, Munich’s central town square.

The Glockenspiel is essentially a gigantic mechanical clock that sits across 2 different levels in the tower balcony. 43 bells and 32 life sized figures come to life in the 260 foot tower telling 2 different stories from Munich’s history.

Definitely worth a look, the first story on the top level tells the story of the elaborate and historical wedding of Bavarian Duke Wilhelm V, the highlight of this story being the jousting that took place in the square where the clock is now located.

The lower level balcony tells the story of the traditional Cooper’s Dance, a dance said to be created by the Cooper’s to lure frightened residents back into town after the city suffered a horrible plague.

The Glockenspiel ‘performs’ at 11 am and 12 pm daily as well 5 pm in the Summer months. The ‘show’ lasts for about 15 mins and concludes with a small golden bird chirping to mark the end.

Definitely a sight to behold!


3. Visit the BMW Museum and BMW Welt

The BMW Museum and Welt may not be unusual, but it is definitely unique! Easily accessible from central Munich. The BMW Musuem and Welt is a must see for any BMW or automotive fan! These 2 locations are located across the road from each other.

The BMW Museum was opened in 1973 and has over 120 original exhibitions and travelling exhibitions. Learn all about the history of BMW, the development of both the company and the cars!

The BMW Welt is a huge exhibition space that acts as of one of the most impressive BMW showrooms there is! Capturing and displaying BMW cars and motorcycles through history the displays are both impressive and a trip through time.

The building itself is architecturally impressive so even if you aren’t a BMW fan it could still be worth a look!


4. Buy a traditional Cuckoo Clock as a souvenir

Looking for an unusual souvenir to take home?

Originating in South-Western Germany in the Black Forest area, the Cuckoo Clock has become a cultural symbol of Germany and a wonderful and unique souvenir for visitors to take home.

Cuckoo clocks are essentially beautifully decorated, ornate clocks that began being crafted in the Black Forest region during severe winters where farmers and other land labourers had to stay indoors and turned to activities such as wood carving. These first clocks date back to the 17th century but by the 18th century, the Cuckoo Clock became a popular household item.

If you have never seen one before, a Cuckoo Clock is a pendulum clock that strikes the hour with a sound like a cuckoo bird! There are many different beautiful and intricate designs. If you are looking for an unusual souvenir from Munich these are definitely worth a look. They will surely start a conversation as an eye-catching wall clock in any home!

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