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4 tips on how to pack for a Winter training course. November 19, 2019

4 tips on how to pack for a Winter training course.

4 tips on how to pack for a Winter training course.

Are you taking a course in Winter this year in the UK or in Europe?

At London Training for Excellence we have over 24+ locations so chances are if you are taking a training course soon, it could be in one of our locations going into Winter!

The UK and Europe are extremely fun, unique and beautiful to visit in Winter. With Christmas looming there are lots of festive Christmas decorations and lights. Lots of amazing Christmas markets in cobbled, old town squares. There are plenty of hot chocolates to warm you up and things are generally less crowded! If you’re lucky, you may also see snow (depending where you go) and get to fulfil a childhood dream of building a snowman or making a snow angel!

If planning to visit the UK or Europe for a training course in Winter, remember that whilst you will definitely have a wonderful time it is also extremely cold and you need to be prepared so that you can make the most of your time away!

In order to help you make the most of your Winter wonderland training course, here a few tips on how to pack for your Winter training course and how to keep warm!

Tip 1. Layer, layer, layer!

There is no better way to stay warm in Winter than to layer the clothing that you wear. There is also no better way to pack (and make sure everything fits) in Winter! It is difficult as you will not be able to fit lots of bulky jackets or thick jumpers in your suitcase to keep you warm. Instead you must wear multiple layers of singlets, long sleeve shirts and jumpers that will keep you warm, but also keep your bag relatively empty (with lots of room for souvenirs!).

Tip 2. Thermal clothing.

As an extension of Tip 1, not only should you layer but you should also invest in some Thermal clothing that you can wear as base layers of clothing. Thermal clothing such as long sleeve shirts, singlets, shirts and pants are made specifically to keep the heat in whilst being a light material. The results are very impressive as you can layer up feeling light but extra warm as the clothing technology in the material does its’ job to trap the heat in and leave you feeling toasty!

Tip 3. Dress head to toe!

The third tip may sound silly but if not followed it can make all of your other heat retaining efforts seem pointless. In the cold it is essential to not only dress warm on your body but to also make sure that you are dressed from head to toe properly including a beanie, a scarf, gloves and warm socks. Apparently our hands, feet and head retain a lot of warmth and therefore if these parts of body are kept warm it will leave the rest of you feeling warm too!  If not, you could be rugged up but still feeling cold from losing heat in these places!

Tip 4. Carry an umbrella.

Whilst it may not be a very impressive tip, a fold up umbrella is essential in Winter in the UK and Europe as the rain is so unpredictable and you do not want to risk being caught! If you end up drenched unfortunately once again, your other efforts to stay warm will be useless! Another option is to invest in a good waterproof jacket that may also do the job in keeping you dry!

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