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5 factors to consider when booking your training course July 24, 2018

5 factors to consider when booking your training course

5 factors to consider when booking your training course

Great training should energise and inspire trainees in addition to providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to do their jobs successfully, which in turn, should make their organisations stronger and more competitive.

We have put together 5 factors to consider when booking courses in London:

Course Content

It's always important to do your research here. Some courses may only cover the bare minimum, leaving many gaps in knowledge. Often these lead onto a ‘pyramid scheme’ of follow-on courses by leaving delegates empty handed unless they book more.

Before booking your course, check the curriculum content to see what exactly is covered. Use this to decide and compare to other courses to see if this gives you the all-round approach or just keeps things vague. 

What course materials will be provided?

Ask about what handouts are provided before selecting the course. Many training providers still give out unwieldy manuals that reproduce the course but are difficult to find information in. You should look to get course materials, such as well written Quick Reference Guides that will act as useful aide memoirs after the course, not just expensive shelf ware.

What support will I have after the course?

The learning shouldn’t end when the course does. It is recommended to discuss and agree what steps will be taken to keep the learning alive.

Course Reviews

Like holidays and restaurants, one of the best ways to assess what other people think about a training course is through previous delegate reviews. Reviews explain the good and bad points of a service and help people make decisions about a training course. Some reviews are more reliable than others, and with current technology and social media, Facebook reviews have become a reliable way to assess a service as have services such as LinkedIn and Google Plus.

How will the learning be evaluated?

It is important to understand how the course will be evaluated, how participants plan to apply their learning and what their new found knowledge and skills achieve. A structured approach to evaluation should be agreed. 

Want to book an adult course in London? Read more about the training courses in London we can offer.

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