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5 simple ways CMMS can improve hotel maintenance August 17, 2017

5 simple ways CMMS can improve hotel maintenance

The success of hospitality business relies on one main thing — customer satisfaction. You might boast of the best facilities, best property, excellent staff and unparalleled service, but it just takes one wrong step from your end for customers to pack their bags and go somewhere else.  This is even truer in this day and age with social media and other online outlets, where customers can post reviews that can be viewed by thousands of potential customers instantly.

Many organisations are turning to computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Once thought to be an unnecessary expense that could be allocated elsewhere, this is no longer the case when it comes to facility management. Managers now realise the benefits that maintenance software systems offer.

Let’s look at 5 simple ways the CMMS system can improve hotel maintenance:

  1. Asset Tracking

One maxim in business is that you can only manage what you know. The same applies here because, if you are to maintain your assets, you have to keep track of where and in what condition they are. Efficient management of assets is only possible if you understand precisely the layout of the hotel in terms of the location of your equipment.

If a guest complains about a broken toilet in a particular wing, you need to have complete information about that particular room. More importantly, you should know whether there were any scheduled repairs for the asset. Asset management software provides detailed reports on your assets and maintenance records of the same. Easier tracking of your hotel's assets translates to easier maintenance.

  1. CMMS improves response time to work orders

A mechanical, electrical or plumbing failure can be a hotel maintenance manager's worst nightmare. In times like these, a fast response time is crucial. Maintenance management software can be configured so the right people are notified when these situations occur. Notifications can be sent out by email, and alerts are received on mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets.  Responsiveness is vital to creating customer loyalty and satisfaction and a CMMS can help.

  1. Preventive Maintenance & Minimised Equipment Downtime

Asset management software allow managers to create regulated preventive maintenance plans to ensure that all the required tasks are carried out as per industry and manufacturer’s standards. CMMS informs technicians as and when assets need repair work or if there is any failure. This allows the team to respond immediately and get the issue sorted quickly. This translates into reduced downtime.

  1. CMMS Improves Scheduling And Planning

Efficient scheduling and planning is crucial towards keeping customers happy. The more maintenance requests you have the more important scheduling and planning becomes. Maintenance management software allows the manager to follow up on service requests, carry out inspections and schedule repairs. The communication dashboard guarantees that the requests are sent in real-time promptly, and to the right people. 

  1. Reduced Costs, Increased Profits

CMMS reduces downtime and required repairs, which means the overall costs also go down. It also prolongs the life of the machine and prevents minor problems from becoming major issues that will cut deep into the company’s pockets. The facility asset management software ensures that your inventory is up-to-date with no unnecessary items such as double-order spare parts, which are wasted expenses. You can increase maintenance productivity, maximise staff efficiency and ensure safety — all of which tangibly or intangibly translate into increased profits. 

Need to learn how a CMMS system works? Read more about our CMMS course/CMMS training.

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