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5 top tips to be a competent office manager December 12, 2017

5 top tips to be a competent office manager

An office manager’s job thirty years ago was much different from an office manager’s job of today. An office manager was required to keep up with a demanding boss who also required her to make coffee, schedule all appointments and run his or her clothes to the dry cleaner. Luckily this role has been split into two job roles over the last few decades and now a secretary handles that job.

Office managers are usually the go to people for many issues mostly professional but also personal. The office manager takes on a role of a supervisor, parent and mentor all in one. They are the most critical and visible employee in the workplace. The job has evolved into a revenue generator, the new and improved office manager needs to be aligned firmly with the management team, they need to hear everyone’s ideas so that they can gather information and create solutions for the company.

The success of a business depends upon the efficiency of the office and the office manager. The office manager is constantly planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling office activities. Many office managers take an office management course and office manager training to ensure that their knowledge is always up to date and those they are fully training to accomplish their job. Here are some top tips on how to be a competent office manager:

  1. Being an effective communicator is important to the role as it helps you to clearly communicate with management and other staff. You might be asked to lead meetings, step in for a manager or represent a colleague at a public function. It is best to attend networking events or conferences to help you to gain confidence with your communication skills. It is important to practice any chance you get.
  1. You may find it easy to manage projects and tasks but this is very different to managing people. It would help if you know the different types of personalities of your staff to ensure that you can impact the way people work and communicate. If you struggle with this, it’s important to try and learn one thing about a person you interact with on a daily basis. This will help build relationships and gain a better understanding.
  1. As an office manager it’s important to understand how the company runs and your role in it. You must understand how the company makes money. Being business savvy helps improve helps your ability to make quick concise decisions each day. It’s your job to keep the office running smoothly and ensure that projects are moving forward.
  1. To be an effective office manager you require some innovative thinking especially when it comes to problem solving. There are some situations which are beyond your control so it is important to find the correct solutions. You don’t always have to be a creative type but you can get your knowledge from books, articles and newsletters.
  1. To be a competent office manager your office needs to be in tip top condition to ensure that everyone knows where everything is kept. Yearly the office manager should take an office administration course to find new and innovative ways to keep the office running smoothly.

Want to be a competent office manager? Browse through the office management courses we have to offer.

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