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5 ways outsourced training programs benefit your business October 29, 2018

5 ways outsourced training programs benefit your business

5 ways outsourced training programs benefit your business

Outsourcing makes use of other people’s expertise to run non-core parts of a business, thereby reducing costs, relieving people of unprofitable and non-core tasks while the business retains overall control. 

Here are our Top 5 reasons why companies are currently choosing to source more of their training activities with external suppliers – even during a growing market.

  1. Training is Not Core to the Business

For many companies, training is a necessity. But the development, management and delivery of training is a distraction. For companies that manage training everyday, it is core to their business. And they are much better at it!

  1. Align Learning & Development to the Business

For many companies, training is a necessity. But the development, management, and delivery of training could be a distraction or worse—it could be completely misaligned to critical business priorities. Your people may be learning skills that are not immediately useful in their current roles or to the goals of the business. In addition, the business often demands training delivery that isn’t mission critical, with internal training teams “taking orders” instead of strategically partnering on the right solution with the appropriate timing.

Partnering with an experienced L&D company should provide you with the strategic guidance to eliminate unnecessary or redundant training and focus on what’s a priority with positive impact for the business. Aligning with a flexible partner can ensure that your training programs are targeting current gaps; they will usually offer content development, training delivery, training logistics, and coordination to fill those gaps.

  1. Mitigate Risk

Training helps prevent failures. It helps protect businesses from the liabilities of being sued if the right training is not provided. Think about it this way – if we don’t provide the training our employees or customers need, and when they need it, we’re vulnerable to being sued if an injury or catastrophic failure occurs. So training reduces our risk. It’s easy to see that using a company who specializes in training could help prevent unnecessary failure costs.

  1. Gain an Outsider’s Perspective

All organisations are in danger of falling into the same bad habits when it comes to L&D. Work routines become so ingrained that it becomes difficult to change when new systems or initiatives are introduced. Bringing in an outside team, especially one that has a great amount of experience in organisational change management and technology adoption strategies, is a way to overcome resistance to change in training programs and to ensure the behavior changes that are necessary to long-term success.

  1. Reduce Costs and Increase L&D Impact

The number one reason why companies outsource L&D is to save money. Partnering with a company that specialises in L&D means that your company can stay nimble as projects fluctuate. Find an organisation that can scale resources as your business needs it—so you never pay for training specialists or instructional designers when you don’t need them. You also get the most competitive rates on top talent with the best matches of skills needed for each project—enabling your L&D teams to focus on where they will provide the greatest value to the business. Flexible partners should be willing to jump in and help to support an organisation.

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