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7 essential facts about Mini MBA April 27, 2018

7 essential facts about Mini MBA

7 essential facts about Mini MBA

What is a Mini MBA?

The mini MBA course was introduced in 1949 at the McGill University in Canada. Mini MBA programs have sprung up around the entire world especially in the United Kingdom, there are many organisations that offer the course. There are also organisations that are advertising MBA boot camps to help individuals gain a partial MBA course.

The mini MBA programme is seen as being a lot more in touch with real world demands unlike the full MBA as the curriculum is very much diverse. The programme teaches students fundamental business factors such as different business frameworks, models and other possible ways you can bring success to an organisation.

A mini MBA is a program that requires less than 100 credits of study, depending on the organisation that you picked you might only need to go in for a week long highly intensive classroom session.

There are organisations that offer online classes, this helps people from all walks of life to join the course. The courses range from £1,000 to £2,000 which is significantly less than a normal MBA course that spans over a one year period. The classes are for people who have already secured a job maybe in middle management and they would like some extra knowledge to get a promotion or be better in their jobs. They will also get a better grasp on business concepts that can help them progress in the future.

There might be people out there that use the mini MBA as a tester for the full MBA to see whether this is something that they would like to pursue for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time.

Here are 7 essential facts about the Mini MBA:

  • The Mini MBA costs considerably less than the actual MBA course, this can help anyone that would like to finish a MBA but don’t have the funds to complete it.
  • The mini MBA can be completed within one week whereas the MBA course could take up to a year to complete. This will be suitable for people that have family or work commitments as they won’t need to spend much time completing it
  • The MBA full course is a degree whereas the Mini MBA is a diploma, if you would like to get a degree as the end of it, it’s better to go for the full MBA.
  • The Mini MBA can be completed in a classroom or online whereas the full MBA is predominately in a classroom or university setting. The classes can be during the weekend or in the evenings.
  • The Mini MBA teaches you real life strategic thinking and teach you how to cross function in the workplace from the skills you learnt.
  • In the Mini MBA you will learn negotiation skills that will improve your networking skills.
  • You will meet people from different backgrounds on the course, these people will be from all walks of life.

Interested in doing a mini MBA program? Contact us for more information on the mini MBA we offer at London TFE.

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