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7 required tools to Office Management and Administrator Skills March 17, 2017

7 required tools to Office Management and Administrator Skills

Office management is managing and refining the logistics within an office to make sure that the employees get the most productive outcome from their working day. When the office isn’t managed very well and stationary is not readily available or the office is a mess, it can really hinder the progress of an employee.

An office manager has a very important job to keep everything ticking over so other employees can perform at their best. You will also be doing more work than anyone else as you will be the online shopper, financial advisor and “go to” person. This can be a busy and stressful role but if you have the tools in place it will be easier to manage your workload.

Companies are always looking for people with good office management, as processes, documentation and communication is becoming complicated, there is a great need for administrators with the correct skills. Technology has come a great way and can be used in every aspect of life including office management, there are programmes that can help you manage your workload and office management courses that will sculpt your skills.

Here are some tips/tool for office management and how to increase your administrator skills.

  • There is a management tool called Scrum which is based on a management style that helps companies adapt to change and minimises any delay. The process is as follows:
  • There are one to two weeks in which a deadline is achieved.
  • Daily updates that monitor all of the projects.
  • A board that traces the progress of every department
  • Taskworld has the ability to lay out your work in front of you, it will also manage your workflow, instantly chat with your team members on getting updates. You can evaluate performance and securely store documents. This software is perfect for keeping everyone in the office informed of your tasks.
  • London Training for Excellence offer an office administration course that is designed for office managers, secretaries and administrators. The course enhances the behavioural and interpersonal skills of an individual; the individuals are trained to stay in control. If you are looking for office management courses? Apply to our management training courses.
  • As an office manager it is important to know how the company runs, you need to understand how your company makes money. Being business minded helps improve your ability to make good judgements and decision each day. As you are running the office you need to keep the projects moving.
  • Management training courses offer skills on how to manage people who are working on different projects or tasks. If you aren’t a natural networker, this course will give you the confidence to manage people and their tasks. In an office there are many personality types that need adaptive management and this course can help.
  • Effective office management needs the office manager to be an innovative thinker especially when it comes to problem solving. You can either get stressed or frustrated at problems or you can be a forward thinker. You need to surround yourself with innovative thinkers and use tools such as articles, books and newsletters.
  • Slack is an instant messaging tool that can be integrated with other office management tools such as Asana. With slack you can send documents instantly to each of your team members and can send status updates to others. This reduces the need to email for small reason and clog up your mailbox.

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