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7 tips for improving your e-commerce strategy July 18, 2017

7 tips for improving your e-commerce strategy

Regardless of whether you are selling a product or service, having a proper content marketing strategy plan in place is a necessity to succeed in the world of e-Commerce.

Here are 7 effective tips to improve your e-commerce strategy:

  1. Conducting regular usability tests are a great way to access your site’s sales process. Take your place as a typical shopper and search your site for some products, try adding them to the cart and check out. The entire process might reveal some technical glitches that could be hurting your sales. Conducting these regular usability tests enable you to identify these plaguing issues and resolve them for a smooth customer experience.
  1. Reduce Abandoned Carts. Shopping cart abandonment is a common problem for e-commerce businesses. Solving a high abandonment rate, however, is a complex task. Each client may leave for different reasons. For example, they may not have enough cash to close the deal or the online store did not offer their preferred payment option. Pay attention to customer feedback to learn how you can improve conversions. 
  1. Make it look good. One disadvantage to e-commerce is not being able to see the product with your own eyes. Customers may be wary of buying a product if it does not look good online or there is only one image of the product. Photography can make the largest difference. Make sure that each product on your site is well shot and that there are multiple photographs. Also, having full, detailed product description of every product on your site can make a huge difference as well so that your consumer will feel confident when they hit that add to cart button.
  1. Using social media platforms to establish your presence is a great way of using your social marketing strategy. While many businesses consider Facebook as the prime social media platform to promote their products and services, Instagram too is an effective tool for e-commerce promotion. The platform focuses mainly on videos and images to convey the brand's message and target a specific audience. Creating an Instagram account to post videos and images of your products with the appropriate hashtag will get you great results.
  1. Include Reviews, and Display Related Products. Customers tend to jump off of an e-commerce site when they either do not get to see what they are searching for, or when they are not able to make a decision. Having product reviews on your webpage will help the customer gain the much needed comfort for making a decision. Besides, the portal should also display related products which the customer could be interested in. This will lead to a more engaging experience and the customer would tend to stick to your e-commerce portal for making a purchase.
  1. Don’t ignore the power of mobile. Not only is mobile use increasing for searching and research, but it is also increasing for purchasing as well. Make sure that your content marketing and your website is mobile-friendly. If your products are too difficult to purchase on mobile devices, you could lose a number of potential customers.
  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the long term key. SEO looks to improve your natural ranking in Google search, whilst search engine marketing or SEM is geared towards increasing you online visibility through paid advertisements. When looking to increase the number of visitors your site gets, you will need to advertise on search engines. Google and Bing are two of the most popular search engines.

Most people search for products by using Google. There are a few ways to get on the first page of Google but you can split them into two types 1. Paid and 2. Organic. SEO is all about the latter, ensuring your site comes up in the first few organic places in the 1-10 listings.  SEO can be seen as a complicated game but it basically boils down to two things, great up to date relevant content and share your content as much as possible to show Google that your site is popular/trusted. 

These are some of the effective ways of improving your e-commerce marketing strategy.  However, to further your understanding and to explore more e-Commerce strategies book onto courses such as e-Commerce courses/ e-Commerce training/ e-Commerce training courses.

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