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7 traits employers look for in a sales candidate July 6, 2018

7 traits employers look for in a sales candidate

7 traits employers look for in a sales candidate

A sales vacancy is the most important and a difficult vacancy to fill. A business understands that the sales people are the lifeline of the company and hold a very important place. Marketing strategies and innovative products will go nowhere without the efforts of the sales team. It can be difficult to hire a capable sales person that believes in your company values.

Many candidates enrol on sales and marketing courses to help them be more prepared during the interview.

It can be difficult to find someone because everyone has excellent skills on their CV’s but this might not be the case in real life. They might be confident and ambitious in the interview but turn out to be negligent or have a laid back attitude. As there is a high turnover of sales roles, many sales candidates are professionals at being interviewed so they know what you would like to hear. You need to delve deeper into their sales skills. They are also experts at selling their skills.

Here are 7 traits to look for in a sales candidate:

  1. Excellent sales people are usually driven by success, if you want to be successful in sales, you will need to be ambitious and goal orientated. There are many sales and targets in the world of sales so the candidate needs to know that this is expected of them.
  1. A sales person needs confidence but this can be difficult to gauge during an interview, are they playing a role or putting on a brave face because the interviewer wants to see a confident candidate.
  1. A sales person will need to have technological skills as the majority of their role such as networking, generating leads and creating progress reports will be completed o technological tools. Prospective candidates can enrol on sales management courses to help them further on the technological side.
  1. Great sales people are usually extremely competitive; this competitive fire helps them to find new opportunities that will benefit the company. They will want this fire to help them to be motivated enough to perform cold calls, close deals and make decisions. When looking for a competitive person, you need to make sure that they will not annoy other employees.
  1. Sales people need to have the need to be creative to ensure that they can deal with different road blocks and obstacles. There will be many different problems with sales so someone that can think outside of the box will be the best candidate.
  1. You need to be resilient If you want to work in sales because there is a high chance that you will be hearing no more than hearing yes. Sometimes people are not very friendly to sales people which can be mentally draining so resilience is very important. 
  1. Sales are very goal orientated which may be set independently but being a team player is still extremely important in a sales role. A team player means working with different departments, clients, give and receive feedback on sales pitches.

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