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7 ways to make the most of a training course September 18, 2018

7 ways to make the most of a training course

7 ways to make the most of a training course

Many organisations enrol their employees to different training courses, this is a real perk for anyone in the position. Most employers would employ some one that hasn’t had the correct training for the job, this is one of the reasons many graduates take up unpaid employment to get the training to put on their CV.

There are times where employees have been in a job for quiet sometime and have become under qualified because they haven’t enrolled on any training courses to update them on new industry regulations/procedures. When an employer choses to put an individual on a training courses they are investing in their career because training courses costs time and money, which is and organisations biggest limitation.

There are companies out there that try to avoid enrolling their employees on courses in London because of the cost and the time being spent on training courses UK. These employers might seem like they are saving money but are really losing money. Their employees are not fit to be the leaders of their industry with limited training, which in turn means that as a result neither is the company.

Businesses that invest in training are usually flourishing in the market. Here are a few ways to make the most of a training course that you have been sent on:

  1. Firstly always do the pre work, most training courses send you pre work to be completed or to be looked at before the session. This should be completed to make sure that you get a head start on the learning.
  1. Before the course starts take a few minutes to find out what exactly you would like to take from the training course. Is there a particular skill you wanted to hone on this course or maybe you wanted to network with likeminded people. You will need to think beyond the learning objectives and walk away with a new sense of calm towards your job. It can be very calming to step away from the frantic pace of a job.
  1. Create general questions that you would like answered about the training topic. Think to yourself about where you would like this training to focus on, you can share this with the trainer so he or she will be able to tailor it to yourself.
  1. Everyone knows their learning style, you might be a visual learner or a kinaesthetic learner. Let the trainer know in advance so they can try to accommodate the way you process information in the short courses London.
  1. After the training session is completed look back at your notes and type them up. This will give you time to reflect on them and reprocess all the information that was given to you during the training session.
  1. Be sure to develop a post training action plan, put everything you learnt on the training course and how you will put it into practice. This will ensure that you put what you learnt into everyday work life. This will show your employer that it was best to invest in you.
  1. When the training program is finishing make sure you get the contact details from some of the participants. Every now and again you can check on each other and see how you are applying your learning to your work.

Find out how to make the most of courses in London. Contact us to find out more information about courses in London.

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