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Administration: the backbone of your business? October 12, 2016

Administration: the backbone of your business?

When you think of a business you might not think of a head of department completing the payroll paperwork for their team or the organisation manager sending detailed emails about company guidelines. That's because it's usually delegated to the administration department. Behind every good business is a strong team working on office administration. They will often be its unsung heroes and heroines of the organisation, they're the ones who organise the back stage, daily operations of the business. They keep it ticking over, taking aspects of work from many departments at one time, often under high pressure. The team has to be highly flexible, working with numerous departments with both professionalism and diligence. Alongside working with colleagues, the administration team is also usually responsible for meeting a new client for the first time. The importance of this team within a business should not be underestimated and they must be nurtured to help the business thrive.

Eight key points that can help increase administrative capability:

  • Know how to assist managers and other team members to get everyone’s work finished
  • Time-manage your workload effectively and prioritise work to complete tasks in the most effective way possible
  • Learn how to share workloads between colleagues, its ok to ask for help!
  • Be confident with making professional, face-to-face conversations with the clients or business partners to transfer information effectively
  • Ensure you always present a professional image of your business when speaking to other people about it
  • Use this positive image when you invite delegates to your company and when you visit other companies to leave a good lasting impression of yourselves
  • Know how to manage crises within an organisation so the administration department can be at the forefront of crisis resolution
  • Ensure your emails and letters to those within the organisation and outside it are always informative and professional

We’ve got a course for that!

Our administration courses are aimed at a wide range of workers and can be tailored to suit your preferred level of depth. It can range from professionals who currently work in positions such as administration executives, assistants or receptionists or simply those wishing to develop their skills in the field with no knowledge of the administrative sector at all. The course will allow you to develop the skills to understand work both in Governmental and private sector positions.


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