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How's everything going at work with your English skills?

Do you sometimes feel like you need training to improve your Business English?

Well, you are in luck!

Today we have an awesome collection of some of our most popular and helpful articles about English in the American workplace for international professionals like you!

Do you ever have trouble writing business emails, making presentations at work or just understanding the ways that your American colleagues communicate and make decisions?

Read today's article for help and guidance!

  • How are your English presentation skills?

    Did you ever get stuck in front of a crowd and forget the correct words to use to introduce your presentation?

    Or maybe you froze completely and only your native language came out! What a disaster! Presentations can be stressful so don’t less this happen again!

  • Ready for your presentation in English? Wait… you forgot something!

    The thing that you are missing when you just prepare for your presentation by studying grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary is…culture! What am I talking about here? Do you want your presentation to succeed? Then don’t ignore the cultural assumptions, norms and communication styles of your audience!

    Did your boss tell you that you should engage your American audience and get them involved? Maybe. Did he tell you why?

    Probably not!

    Having the right vocabulary words to engage your audience isn't enough! You need to recognize that your American colleagues (who grew up in the US) have gone through an educational system where they were expected to participate and speak up.

    If you create your presentation that does not allow for them to do that, they might get bored…and you don't want that!

  • Maybe you think your English grammar skills are great and maybe they are but…

    …something is still missing and you aren't sure what it is.

    When you interact with your American colleagues, it seems like you don't completely understand each other.

    And when you give them feedback on their work, they always seem to take it the wrong way. What's going on?

  • What do you need to remember about the handshake in American business situations?

    It seems like a simple interaction between two people, right? Well, it is a simple and sometimes powerful interaction if you do it right.

    But if you do it incorrectly, it could mean that your business relationship will downhill or that you won't get the contract you were counting on.

  • How many business English expressions do you know?

    Are you able to join in the conversation or respond with a quick remark when someone makes

    a joke or uses an idiom in the office?

    Without an understanding of these expressions, how will you build rapport with your colleagues or feel comfortable in the office?

  • Have you ever sat in a business meeting feeling awkward and uncomfortable?

    Did you stay quiet and avoid participating in the discussion because you weren't confident that you knew the right vocabulary words?

  • How confident do you feel when you speak English on the phone at work?

    No matter what kind of phone you have at the office, you need to be able to respond to and make calls with confidence, authority and clear speech.

    Can you do that?

    If not, you should check out the article below to improve your telephone skills.

  • What confuses you about your American colleagues and their working style?

    Do we all communicate in the same way? Hold the same worldview? Make the same assumptions? Solve problems in the same way? Negotiate a business deal using the same tactics and methods? Of course not!

    If you sometimes get confused by your colleagues, even when you understand their English, it is probably a cultural difference.

  • Do you make a lot of mistakes when you write business Emails in English?

    Writing good emails is crucial in the business world! Do you know how to format a business email in English?

    Do you have the right vocabulary words? What about levels of formality and directness?

    Do you need a little help?

  • Still need some help with your business English?

    Some people do great by just reading blog articles, watching You Tube videos and learning with free online resources.

    Other people like to sit down every week with a professional to receive training in business English and create a customized course based on their own needs.

    However, it's not always easy finding the right English tutor.

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