TeleMessage delivers smart and secure messaging seamlessly over any communication device. Designed specifically for mobile operators and enterprises, their enterprise and VAS consumer solutions intelligently and seamlessly handle text, voice, data, and multimedia messages as well as IP messaging via Smartphone push notifications or RCS over mobiles, tablets, the web, Office, APIs and IT infrastructure.

Corporate history

TeleMessage was developed in 1999 raising more than 10 million dollars in its first 2 series of investment rounds. Messaging International PLC acquired TeleMessage. The company then went public and is traded on the London Stock Exchange AIM section under the Messaging International name.


TeleMessage’s solutions consists of 4 product lines: Mobile and Tablet Apps, Messaging Gateway, PC to Mobile and SMS to Voice.

The most distinctive feature of TeleMessage is its ability to send and receive messages from one technology to another. For example, a text message can be sent from a computer to a landline, or a SMS message from a mobile phone to a landline. The receiver of the message then has the option of replying to the message.

The latest product line, “Mobile and Tablet Applications”, available for iOS and Android devices, enable mobile operators to enhance their existing messaging solutions and revenue streams with white labeled handset applications, which subscribers are already downloading from the Appstores. The TeleMessage solutions are focused on Mobile Operator’s needs and increase existing SMS/MMS messaging revenues for consumers and enterprises while embedding IP messaging as consumers try other free services.

The “Messaging Gateway” includes various interfaces for content providers, enterprises and Facebook Developers to send out messages (mainly SMS/MMS/IP but also Voice, Fax and email) to customers and employees. The gateway includes the following interfaces: HTTP, SMTP, Facebook and bundles the “Mobile and Handset Applications” and “PC to Mobile Products” in the same product.

Another product line, “PC to Mobile” offers multiformat messaging services primarily focused around the PC. The PC to Mobile solution comes in several interfaces: as a plug-in for Outlook, Outlook Express, Toolbars for Internet Explorer and Firefox, Widgets, Gadgets and Web interfaces. During 2011, TeleMessage also added a Facebook application to the “PC to Mobile” product line enabling users to send and receive SMS, MMS and other types of messages to their Facebook account.