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The Perfect Office Environment20 August 2020

The Perfect Office Environment

The Perfect Office Environment

A report conducted by “Workthere” asked 1,874 European office workers about 48 different office features in order to see how satisfied they are with them and identify the specific areas in which offices should look to improve to provide an overall happier place to work and offer what people want from an office.

The five office features that provided the most satisfaction are as follows: 

  1. Air quality - 80% of co-workers saw this as a very important factor of an office space. Though, just over half of respondents said they were happy with the level of air quality in their workspace.
  2. Noise levels - 78% of office workers claimed office noise, without a lot of talking or loud music playing, as an important aspect of an office. Over half of respondents said they were satisfied with the levels of noise at their workplace currently.
  3. Temperature - 78% of co-workers do consider an acceptable office temperature to be very important to them, with 55% of people are happy with the current temperature in their office.
  4. Quiet rooms - 76% of workers believe that having access to a quiet room is important to them at work, 54% however, are satisfied with their current quiet room offering.
  5. Comfortable workspaces - A comfortable workspace can have a positive impact on wellbeing and productivity at work for many employees. 82% of co-workers said a comfortable workspace was important to them in an office. 61% of respondents agreed that they are satisfied with their current work area.

Commenting on the findings, Jessica Alderson, global research analyst at Workthere, says: “Whilst the majority of coworkers seem to be happy with their current work space, there are some quick and effective changes that providers can make to improve this further and increase overall satisfaction levels. Given the growing competition in the current market, being comfortable and happy within the workplace can be a deal breaker for those businesses occupying flexible workspace, so it is increasingly important to get these fundamentals right.”

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