What entrepreneurs should know about Mini MBA programs?

What entrepreneurs should know about Mini MBA programs?

What is a Mini MBA Program?

The first Mini MBA program was introduced at McGill University in Canada back in 1949 but over the years there have been many different mini MBA courses that are offered by different universities and colleges. A mini MBA program is a graduate level business program that is different from the traditional MBA degree.

The mini program does not result in a degree, the people that take part in the course gets a professional credential in form of certificate. The program has been compared to the traditional MBA programs but unlike it, the mini MBA offers practical knowledge and core business competencies that can be applied immediately on the job. This is best for someone that is working full time and wants to use it to further their career.

What are the benefits of a Mini MBA for an entrepreneur?

  • You can gain knowledge and managerial skills that can be used for your work and future career.
  • As an entrepreneur you will be able to manage your business in a more efficient and effective way through modern management practices.
  • The mini MBA will give you an out of the box approach towards your business.
  • You will become part of a wider network of professional, entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • You will be able to develop leadership skills in the most practical way.

Mini MBA Cost

The mini MBA is much cheaper with some programmes costing less than $500 and at most it will cost a few thousand. If your employer has asked you to go on the course then you might get some financial assistance from them. It is extremely difficult to try to complete the full MBA with your full time job so the mini MBA is the best option.

Different mode of delivery

There are different ways that the Mini MBA can be delivered, this can be online or campus based. The online programmes are 100% online which means that you won’t have to step foot in a traditional classroom. With the campus based programs they will be help in a single classroom and be usually held either during the week or on the weekends, you may even be able to enrol on an evening class to help you with working commitments.

What You Will Learn in a Mini-MBA Program?

The mini MBA will teach students the fundamentals of business, this includes frameworks, models and other drivers that can lead to success. You will be able to think strategically and learn how to cross function in the workplace from the skills you have learnt. Your negotiation skills will improve as well as your networking skills. Thinking to enrol on a Mini MBA course? Find out more about the Mini MBA we offer at London TFE.

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