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A day in the life of a training course in Milan. October 8, 2019

A day in the life of a training course in Milan.

A day in the life of a training course in Milan.

Are you considering Milan as your next training destination?

Read our guide below to discover what a day in the life attending a training course in Milan may be like for you!


Training has finished for the day, so you wave goodbye to your trainer and leave the stunning training venue. By simply stepping out the door, you are in the centre of Milan! The training venue is positioned just by the Piazza Duomo, Milan’s central square.

You walk into the bustling square and come face to face with the huge, gothic cathedral, Duomo Del Milano, the 5th biggest cathedral in the world that looms over you as you admire its beauty! You take a few photos and decide to have a bite to eat before exploring for the afternoon.

Not wanting to take your eyes off the beautiful Duomo, you head to Aperol Terrazza. By walking along the square, you find the entrance and by following the signs you reach the stairway to enter. There is a line, but it moves quick and when you finally get to your table for lunch you realise why! Your table is on a terrace that is directly beside the Duomo and high up enough, that you get a perfect view over the Piazza and the whole magnificent side of the Duomo, up close! You have a perfectly delicious Italian pasta dish for lunch and after Instagramming your, “lunch with a view,” you head back down into the Piazza to continue your sight seeing for the day!

As you head back down into the Piazza you make a right turn and end up in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall, one of the world’s oldest and most famous shopping malls as it is home to some of the world renowned Italian luxury fashion brands such as Prada and Versace that are originally from Milan.

You stroll through the mall admiring the wonderful domed glass roof and the elaborately decorated mosaic tiled floors. You stop to admire the luxurious window displays of the stores and tempt yourself by wandering into the stores to look at a few price tags!

After looking around, you walk directly through the centre of the mall and exit onto Piazza Della Scala that is a smaller square, which in the centre holds a statue of Leonardo Da Vinci. You admire the impressive statue, but your attention is also caught by the view of the grand Teatro alla Scala that is directly opposite the Piazza. The Teatro alla Scala is a lavish 18th century Opera house theatre that is famous for Italian Operas and ballets.

After snapping a few photos of the theatre, you pass directly by it and head towards the Brera district. As if stepping back in time, you walk through quiet, cobbled, narrow streets with towering, beautiful old buildings and apartment blocks that have large windows with flowers spilling out over their window boxes. There are quaint little Italian restaurants with outdoor tables lined with red checked tablecloths just waiting to serve you an espresso coffee and an Italian dessert of your choice. You also stop to browse the windows of the eccentric looking fashion boutiques and vintage boutiques with their antique wares on display.

After passing through this wonderful neighbourhood you reach your final stop for the day, Castello Sforzesco! Castle Sforza, built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, the Duke of Milan at the time, captures your attention as you take in it’s huge size and the serenity of its surrounding gardens. You wonder if you will book a ticket or tour to explore the interior of the castle but for now you just sit out the front on a bench amongst the lush green grass, enjoy your surroundings and thinking about what a lovely city Milan is!

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