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A quick guide of things to do in Stockholm! October 1, 2019

A quick guide of things to do in Stockholm!

Are you considering choosing Stockholm as your next training destination? Are you headed there for a course and not sure what there is to do?

Well if you are, London TFE has you covered! We have put together a short list of recommended things to do if you are headed to Stockholm!

Although it is a city that can sometimes fly under the radar, Stockholm is a beautiful place to visit with lots of interesting things to see.

Below we recommend some things you might like to visit whilst you are there!

1. Old town

The Old Town in Stockholm is known as Gamla Stan. The Old Town similar to many of those spread across Europe is full of cobbled streets and colourful 17th-18th century buildings. It is a nice place to take a walk and explore as it is centrally located in Stockholm and there are many things to see here. You can visit the Stockholm Royal Palace, official royal palace of the Swedish Monarch which is located here. There are also lots of museums such as the Nobel Museum which explores the history of the Nobel Prize as well as the Post museum. There are also plenty of restaurants and shops here as well which makes it a top choice for visitors to the city.

2. Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is a Maritime Museum in Stockholm. The Vasa museum is the most visited museum in Scandinavia as it holds the world’s only preserved 17th century ship. The ship sunk in 1628 and lay of the seabed for 333 years! A great museum for anyone interested in history, you can take a guided tour to learn all about the ship, it’s life and preservation. The museum can be extremely busy so it is recommended that you buy tickets beforehand online.

3. Stockholm City Hall

The Stockholm City Hall is one of Sweden’s most famous and beautiful buildings. Full of unique art pieces and ceremonial halls. The grand ceremonial hall is most famous as the venue for the world-renowned Nobel Prize Banquet held in December each year. If you visit you may also be able to enter the City Hall tower (open from May – September) to get a great view over the city of Stockholm. The only way tourists can visit the halls is to join a public tour, this is the only way to see the building as it is still an office building. You must buy tickets prior to arrival or buy them on the day to be allocated a time spot for a tour later in the day.

4. The ABBA museum

One of Sweden’s best known musical exports, ABBA, has it’s own museum in Stockholm. The Museum is close to the Vasa Museum so a combined visit of both is highly recommended. You can learn all about the band, their history, songs and famous moments as well as see some of their famous outfits. Even if you are not a huge ABBA fan the museum is very interactive and fun so it can worth the visit anyway! There is ABBA Karaoke and lots of fun props and photo opportunities.

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