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A simple guide to understanding HR March 9, 2017

A simple guide to understanding HR

What is HR?

Human resources is the governance of an organisations employees. A human resource department is perilous to any company to protect the wellbeing of employees. The human resource department is responsible for creating, implementing and overseeing policies that govern employee behaviour and the behaviour of the company towards its employees. The department can also be responsible for payroll, hiring and firing of employees and keeping up to date with employment legislation.

The HR department needs to be trained and educated to a good level because a small mix up can create a serious issue for your business. Most small businesses that don’t have the resources to hire a separate HR department are outsourcing their HR needs to companies that specialise in HR.

HR duties

As previously mentioned the HR department has evolved more than just recruiting, screening and hiring employees; they now play a major part in organisations. In 2015 there was an increase of 10% in HR positions, training providers are offering many courses to get you into a HR career.

The HR department can help you to develop professionally and offer training for employees that feel that they need to get on the next step towards progressing their career. The HR department also offer HR training for anyone that would like to pursue their career. Skills such as delegating your work upwards is also offered by HR, generally HR are there for the employee’s wellbeing.

In an office environment there are many different personalities that can clash from time to time, HR specialists are trained to manage the conflict and to bring a resolution to the different parties which can have an effect on other employees and the harmony in the office.

The HR department improve the company to increase employee satisfaction, some examples are that they might go around conducting surveys or confidentially discussing your complaints to improve the working environment.

Have you ever wondered who organises work outings and parties? These are usually organised by the HR team. The HR team are responsible for selecting the venue, consulting with the suppliers and looking upon their HR training they pick the best location that will help bring the office.

The HR team are always looking at different employment and salary trends to help managers and CEO’s formulate realistic wages and competitive salaries. HR will also negotiate better rates with medical and insurance companies to keep employee benefits updated at all times.

The HR team also deal with employee evaluation, which is very important to the company’s success. They set criteria for employees at different levels and departments; they must also comply with the policies in place.

If everything you have read above interests you then there are HR courses offered by London Training for Excellence that can help you attain a CPD accreditation, there are many other training providers that provide hr training courses but London TFE are the most recommended.

We offer HR training worldwide and support you with your personal development. If you are interested in HR courses, find out more about our hr training courses.

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