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Are chemical engineers in demand? April 2, 2019

Are chemical engineers in demand?

Are chemical engineers in demand?

Chemical engineering is a complex and dynamic field of engineering. It is a field of engineering that is constantly changing due to new advancements in technology and research. A field that plays a key role in many different industries. It is also a field that is constantly in demand for multi-talented workers with broad skill sets. Evidently chemical engineers are in demand with many opportunities available to them and to the progression of their career.

The foundation of chemical engineering is to apply the principles of chemistry, biology, physics and math to solve problems that involve the production or use of chemicals across many different industries. As it is a STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) field, chemical engineering overall, is at the forefront of exciting new developments, new research breakthroughs and ground-breaking projects. As nanotechnology, alternative energies and biotechnology continue to advance, chemical engineering will continue to move forward in sustaining the engineering industry.

By working with ground breaking technology, chemical engineers strive to develop products and services that enhance people’s lives and transform the world. By improving outputs to be responsible, ethical and efficient, chemical engineering is a field that can truly be linked to worldwide goals of improving people’s quality of life, advancing renewable energy and developing healthcare.

Major employers of chemical engineers cover a huge range of industrial sectors. Some of the main industries include gas, oil, nuclear, power generation, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, plastic, metals, paper, toiletries, environmental protection, pollution control, energy conservation, recycling, water treatment, alternative energy and information technology.

Apart from being in demand due to the importance of chemical engineering on a global level, chemical engineers are also in demand as there is a shortage of people graduating in the STEM fields. It has been reported recently by the British government as an area of concern as low numbers of STEM graduates, leave employers finding it difficult and drawn out to recruit.

Despite the extremely high level of skill, advanced technical qualifications, hard skills and specialist knowledge that chemical engineers have, employers of chemical engineers are also looking for employees with impressive soft skills to compliment their capabilities overall.

Some of the unexpected soft skills in demand for chemical engineers are transferable skills that are generally useful in a range of engineering and business-related roles. Some of these skills include leadership, teamwork, project management, innovative thinking, consultancy, communication and presentation skills.

Chemical engineers looking to stay up-to-date in the industry may want to consider upskilling with technical courses specific to their fields of chemical engineering or potentially another option may be to consider upskilling in some other areas of business management to really stand out as an all-round performer.

Whatever the need London TFE offer a wide range of chemical engineering courses as well as business course across Europe.


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