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Common Questions Series - “Where is my training course located?” November 28, 2019

Common Questions Series - “Where is my training course located?”

Common Questions Series - “Where is my training course located?”

At London Training for Excellence our common questions mini-series continues!

We understand that booking a training course can be difficult, so our team of international professional training consultants are still answering some of our most common questions, for you to read about here in our blog.

The most common question we will visit in today’s blog is, “Where is my training course located?”

At London Training for Excellence, we deliver courses face to face not online. This means you will attend the training course in person at one of our training locations. 

We offer training locations in over 24 cities around the world. We offer locations in Europe, Asia, USA and the Middle East.

With so many locations on offer, when you are choosing a course, there is a lot of flexibility in the locations that you can choose! Your learning has no bounds! Your learning is flexible!

Our locations are listed below:


Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris, Prague, Stockholm, Vienna, Zurich

Asia & USA

Kuala Lumpur, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Singapore

Middle East

Amman, Cairo, Dubai

We encourage global training as you will get to experience new worlds as part of your training course. Training in a different country means you get to experience a new culture; experience new facilities and you get to meet new people!

From these experiences you will gain more insights and new perspectives that will certainly not come from a standard classroom and four walls.

With 5 days of training in a city, you are bound to have time after your training each day to explore the magic of the city that you choose to visit.

Why not visit a city you have never been to before or choose a city that really inspires you?!

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