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Factors to consider when choosing a personal training provider December 16, 2017

Factors to consider when choosing a personal training provider

Factors to consider when choosing a personal training provider

Are you ready to take the leap and customise your professional training course?

Personal training courses align with your brand image, improves employee engagement, and upholds company-wide standards. It also gives you the ability to personalise the training experiences by focusing on specific skill and performance gaps. Thus, you have the power to edge your competition and improve employee retention. But  personal/professional training courses are an investment. As such, you must find the perfect provider who can meet your needs and accommodate your budget.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a personal training provider:

  • Request A Detailed Estimate And Timeline

Personal training courses often take time, especially if you're designing a corporate training program from the ground up. Therefore, you should ask the providers for development timelines that include milestones and roll out dates. Detailed estimates are also essential. They give you the power to create a realistic budget and determine what's included in the package. For example, some providers may include support and maintenance, while others charge extra for these services.

  • What Is Their Track Record Of Delivering Results

It’s essential to find out how successful the potential personal training provider is at delivering what they promise. Don’t be afraid to ask for evidence.

  • Experience

How long have they been in business? What is the average level of employee experience? Beware of training companies that use inexperienced entry level employees to develop and deliver training. 

  • The Human Factor

When selecting any outside organisation to assist with your training needs, it's really all about the people. The number one question you should ask is "who will manage the project and who will actually be doing the work?" Ask for resumes if you are unsure. When contacting a company, are you speaking with the actual people who will be doing the work? Or are you speaking with a salesperson with whom you'll never see or talk to again? Also, beware of the bait and switch. Some training companies have been known to initially staff a project with experienced training professionals, then switch to entry level employees mid project. The results can be catastrophic.

  • What Support Do They Provide?

If you are about to engage an external company to develop and deliver training courses for your organisation, there are many add on support services you might require and expect.

  • Clarify Communication Guidelines

Do you need to have daily progress reports? Would you prefer to communicate via email, phone, or instant message? Do you expect the training provider to contact you whenever there's a problem? Or would you like them to handle any issues that arise? These are all factors to consider when choosing your specialist training provider. It's important to clarify your communication guidelines and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Otherwise, you may end up with confusion or conflicts later on.

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