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Great Accounting, finance and banking courses in London November 28, 2016

Great Accounting, finance and banking courses in London

Accounting courses in London have been extremely popular; the total accountancy bodies continue to grow steadily. There are 7 accountancy bodies with a reported 335,000 members. In the UK there are 166,000 students currently studying courses within accountancy, finance and banking. The main 7 accountancy bodies are ACCA, CIPFA, ICAS, CIMA, CAI, AIA and ICAEW; the annual number for these memberships has continued to grow steadily at the rate of 2.5%. ACCA, CIMA and CAI have had significant growth at an annual rate of 3.5%, 4% and 3.7% but memberships for AIA and CIPFA have declined during this period. 

London training for excellence offer vast courses in accountancy, finance and banking, with most accredited by the CPD, the majority of these courses take place over 5 days in different locations around the world.

Why Choose Accounting and Finance

Accounting courses London has been the most searched for course on google, this is because there are an array of specifications of courses that interest potential students.

  • There are excellent graduate prospects for an accounting and finance student, after the 6 months of initial looking, 81.5% are able to be professionally employed earning a start-up average salary of £23,000.
  • Top employers such as KPMG, Deloitte and PwC offer graduate schemes to accounting and finance graduates so that they can carry on learning within their establishment and map out their career.
  • Accountants are available to work across any industry as all industries need a financial department as it is the backbone of any company, usually these departments are extremely diverse which will give you the chance to meet with many different people and see how they perceive things and problem solve.

It is evident that as long as there is money in the world there will be a need for accountancy and finance so it isn’t just enough to do the degree and expect to stay current.  London Training of Excellence offer bolt on courses that can further your knowledge and keep you up to date with the accountancy world.

We offer courses such as Modern Trends for Increasing the Efficiency of Accountants and Controllers, Advanced Strategies: Accounting, Financial Control and Appraisals, Modern Techniques in Auditing and Financial Control and many more to ensure that you always have the right skills under your belt.

What to expect

Summary, analysis and reporting of financial information are the key things that accounting and finance is about.  You will learn the professional skill and qualities desired to have a career in accounting. Accounting and finance play a vital role within how a business works and the existence of that business. The current financial state of the world is all over the place and businesses will always need accountants to help them understand their business to help it grow.  All businesses contribute to economic growth and without the knowledge of their records, they will not be able to not only help their business grow but also ensure that their business is run properly according to the law.

Finance courses

Finance courses have become very popular over the past few years especially in London. There are many places that offer great courses to help you excel in your financial career but London TFE have an array of finance courses that you can pick from. Finance courses London? Why London? Well, why not study finance in the heart of the UK’s financial district. Pick up the key elements to help you build a career in accounting and finance.

Have a look at London TFE's Accounting courses in London to begin you journey as financial wizard.

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