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Guidelines for choosing the perfect training course August 24, 2018

Guidelines for choosing the perfect training course

Guidelines for choosing the perfect training course

Studying is an investment in your future. Choosing what to study and where to study is a weighty, some may say it is a life-changing decision. So when it comes to picking the right courses in London, it pays to do your homework.

Consider which courses you will enjoy as well as which courses will provide you with applicable skills in the job field. Before making a selection, review the course content online to learn how many credits you will need and how long the program will take.

It’s really important to find the right course for you. Starting a course that doesn’t suit you can quickly put you off learning and knock your confidence.

Here’s some simple advice you can follow to find the course that’s a good fit for you.

  • What are you really interested in?

It’s really important to think about what you are interested in, and what course you want to study. Is it because you can see your exciting, glittering career ahead? Or is it because it’s what your parents want? By questioning yourself now, you can work out the exact path you want your course to take you on.

  • Research

The internet, newspapers, television and people around you are the best sources of information. Check online about the courses you are interested in and find out about the career prospects and the other info. Speak to people who are in your interested profession and find out what it is to choose your future career. People who have completed university courses can give you an insight from a student’s perspective - they can tell you the pros and cons.

  • What’s important to you?

While you are researching, you’ll come up with all kinds of different criteria to judge a university or course by. So make a shortlist of the top three features you’re looking for. These could be school ranking or prestige, research facilities, practical experience and internships, cost of tuition, student support services, safety, social life, chance to travel… there are so many variables, and what’s right for you may be completely wrong for someone else.

  • Course content

To avoid making mistakes, make sure you review the course outline of the course(s) you want to apply for. Have a look at the subjects you must undertake and the types of learning, assignments and examination tasks involved. This will enable you to form a rough idea of what lies ahead for you.

  • Time

If you’re able to commit to a full-time study load, then full-time or even fast-tracked qualifications are definitely the best way to go. But if you’re time poor and need to juggle work or family (or both!) with your studies, your best bet is to study part-time or look for a course that provides flexible learning. This might involve studying online, attending night classes or learning at your own pace.

  • Talk to people 

It might sound simple, but the best way to get an insight into a course is to just chat to people about it. Ask lecturers, students (both present and past), and industry professionals about their thoughts on a course, and how it’s run. A provider’s student centre might also be a handy place to get your questions answered. 

  • Cost of study

Affordability is another aspect you need to consider while deciding on your course, as well as the additional costs that occur, such as text books, field trips etc. However, do not let cost hamper your career choice, as there are a number of financial assistance options available to complete the course.

  • Career opportunities

Look at the career prospects of the course before selecting one. Consider various factors such as income, job security, stress, responsibility and other benefits while researching a profession. It is also useful to find out if a future employer will invest in your education.

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