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How to become an office manager in 5 Steps November 14, 2017

How to become an office manager in 5 Steps

How to become an office manager in 5 Steps

Office managers organise, and supervise the activities and resources of offices in all industry verticals. They control the management of administrative systems and oversee the activities of office personnel. They may supervise specific projects and the people working on them or ensure that particular processes are in place so that the office, and the business runs smoothly. They may manage people, physical resources, budgets, or other forms of information.

A career as an office manager offers traditional weekday working hours, a comfortable office environment, good pay, and the opportunity to make excellent use of your administrative abilities. 

So, read on below if becoming an office manager sounds like it might suit you; we’ll tell you what you need to make it in this field in five steps!

  1. Qualifications

A degree or HND in a Business discipline may well aid your application, but more often or not, it will not be listed as essential criteria for any company advertising an office management role. Qualifications in certain aspects of IT, as well as secretarial grades or examinations may be just as valuable as a degree or more traditional academic qualifications.

  1. Participate in an apprenticeship

If you think a degree in Business Administration is going to mean you are experienced to become an office manager – think again. Degree or not, you will need to gain experience as an administrator and a senior administrator, before you could even be considered for an office management role. This could take anything from 3-7 years. An apprenticeship allows you to gain work experience, observe day-to-day operations in a business office and establish contacts to potentially draw on later. Occasionally an apprenticeship may lead to a full time job.

  1. Necessary Skills

While you are studying or working at an administrative job with fewer responsibilities, it is fine to focus on developing certain skills. The general principle is multitasking with great accuracy. The majority of the office manager’s tasks require the ability to work in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This skill is crucial for planning, making presentations and scheduling. It is also necessary to be ready for handling correspondence and phone calls. Organising, controlling and monitoring skills are important, but you need to remember that you work with people. Thus, developing of excellent communicative skills has to be one of your main goals.

  1. Obtain Employment

Job opportunities are available in nearly every sector of the U.K. economy, particularly with financial institutions, government agencies, medical facilities and business services firms.

Although perhaps overlooked due to it not being popularly perceived as the most glamorous of professions, the reality is that every department in any big organisation would struggle to operate without accurate and efficient office management. Office managers are essentially the foundation of any organisation, playing a vital role in facilitating positive results, along with upholding an interactive and uplifting corporate culture.

  1. Get Certified

While not required by most employers, certification allows an office manager to display specific skills and mastery of certain areas of management. Certifications vary by industry and may be offered for managers of medical offices or facilities. For example, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) offers the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) certification for those interested in facility management. The CFM credential is available to managers with a specific combination of education and experience. Applicants must pass an exam and complete continuing education activities every three years. 

Need office manager training but not sure which office administration course is suited for you? Find out more about our office management courses.

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