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How to identify the key components for Electronic Office Management and Executive Secretariat April 20, 2017

How to identify the key components for Electronic Office Management and Executive Secretariat

What is Electronic office management?

Most offices are still using paper files, folders and archive boxes however they are not as effective as they were previously. Most filing is usually printouts which are usually duplicates of something that is originally sent over email or is saved on an online portal. An electronic office management system is important to maintain an effective office, the system ensures that all the information is in one place so anyone with the correct authorisation can access.

In this day and age most documents are created on programmes such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and can be directly saved into the database. Electronic office management systems such as ITRIS and Bullhorn are very helpful in organising documents and managing the office.

It is very easy for an office manager to get overwhelmed due to poorly saved records so it is important to invest in such software. Office management courses are available to better your skills, they offer information and support on electronic office management. It is a beneficial course to complete to also bump you up to a different pay grade.

What is executive secretariat?

Executive secretaries work directly and only for executives providing them with administrative support. The secretary has many powers along with different responsibilities and duties but these depend on how much power the executive has given their secretary. Secretaries often have administrative and managerial duties among other duties. An executive secretary is of much less responsibility and work experience than a personal assistant.

The executive secretary is the person that follows up on the CEO’s instructions and generates meeting instructions to all the different departments, this person is only responsible for the executive she is responsible and their team. You can receive secretary training from a mentor or the person that was previously in the position to provide you with some extra tips.

Key component

  • Communication skills are an important quality as this provides a positive image of the company. Communication skills help you to communicate at all levels of the organisation and with members of the public.
  • Good judgement is important, the ability to make sound decisions without supervision as a secretary or an office manager. You need to be able to resolve issues using your reasoning and logic. They must be able to find common threats to draw conclusions from potential issues. London training for excellence offers secretarial courses which help you develop an approach that suits your workplace.
  • Executive secretaries and office managers need to have a good knowledge of office equipment, from photocopiers to office systems. Database management and spreadsheets are important to running a smooth office so it is important to be informed on the programmes.

Are you happy with your office management skills? If not, find out more about our office management course.

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