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How to improve your employability with a professional training course in London September 2, 2018

How to improve your employability with a professional training course in London

How to improve your employability with a professional training course in London

There is a tough job market out there with extreme levels of competition. At the moment you can have the best degree from the best university but this doesn’t secure your position in the job market. There are many shops on high streets that are closing down at an alarming rate, House of Fraser an old and secure establishment was about to close their doors until someone saved them.

There are people that are struggling to get a job, though as a country we have a low unemployment rate at the moment, Brexit will be changing this. Professional training courses in London can help advance your employability to potential employers or even help you progress in your current career.

When trying to boost your employability you should think hard about the career you would like to have. It is best to think about it much earlier on to ensure that when the time comes you can start pursuing it. Grades are another important thing, they matter everywhere you go. When you are applying for a job they constantly ask what grades you got in school, college and university.

We are in such a competitive environment where the best schooled will always come first. Your CV should be written ahead of time and updated on a regular basis. This is where you list all your extra professional training courses London to ensure that the employer is aware of your skills for the job.

Here are some ways a professional training course can help your employability:

  • Professional training isn’t about trying to learn a whole new thing but it is to hone the skills you already have. Soft skills training can help you strengthen your existing skills set. For example if you are an accountant, a professional training course in excel will increase your knowledge of how to create formulas. This will increase your skill set and increase your productivity.
  • A professional training course can give you the confidence to go out of your comfort zone and learn new skills. This will help you to be more confident in interviews when you are looking for a new job. If you have the skills behind you there is nothing stopping you from achieving.
  • Embarking on a professional training course will help you with your communication skills. It goes without saying that employers like people who are good listeners, have good writing skills and can communicate information effectively. You will have a chance of improving your ability to send emails, reports, give presentations and speak to senior staff.
  • A professional training course can show that you are dedicated to the position you are applying for or if you are taking the course whilst on the job it can result in a pay rise. This will show your boss that you are dedicated to the positon and the company. This will show your willingness to go the extra mile.
  • Enrolling on a professional course will give you new focus in your current job. You will learn new things relating to your position. This can also help you to make a dash for a new job that you might have wanted to pursue before. London TFE offers short courses London that can be attended morning and evening.

Want to improve your employability skills? Read more about our training courses in London to build your personal development today!

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