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How to Participate in a Live Online Course July 1, 2020

How to Participate in a Live Online Course

How to Participate in a Live Online Course


If you would like to boost your professional skills and learn something new, our instructor led live online course are the perfect fit. It can be produced in any format – usually as a lecture, conference or presentation. To participate in a live online course is extremely simple, and you can view it from anywhere in the world!

All you need to participate in a live online course is a device such as a computer, a tablet or a smartphone with internet access.

Pay close attention to your internet connection. live online courses are live, so your connection will be important to your live online course experience, it will determine how well you see and hear your presenter, please use a connection speed of no lower than 1Mbps.

Refriain from downloading files during the online course, as this is likely to increase the chances of failures and freezes. We also recommend that you close all applications that could influence your connection speed.

Follow the link to your live online course, and aim to join 5-10 minutes before the course starts.

Top Tips for attending live online courses

Take your live online course experience as serious as you would any other educational or career event in your life. Weigh up the benefits and ask yourself: what will you aquire from participating in a particular live online course? To get the most out of your experience here are our top tips.


That’s an obvious tip, but it’s definitely important to highlight - staying focused for long period can drain your energy, so, it’s only human to seek distractions. Try to eliminate all possible temptations beforehand by turning off your phone and closing all surround browsers so you cannot have easy access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. during the live online course. Imagine you are in a classroom, and the teacher is watching your every move.


When attending a live online course you have the option of staying invisible, though this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t reveal your presence. Make sure you use every possible opportunity to ask questions. By doing this, you are not only helping yourself but your co-participants also. As they may also want to know the answer to the same question you are asking, this also gives the presenter more of an understanding of their audience’s needs.

If your question doesn’t get answered during the live online course, don’t shy away from sending a personal email directly to the lecturer. By engaging in the live online course you not only get a deeper understanding of the information presented to you, but also a chance to make yourself some useful connections on a professional level.

Take Notes

Take notes. As you follow along with the live online course be sure to write down key points, this will help you retain information, rather than it all disappearing a few hours after the live online course ends. Failure to do this will be highly detrimental to your understanding. Writing down notes, forces you to digest focused pieces of information as you cannot physically put down all of it.

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