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How to supercharge your career and business in 2022 December 30, 2021

How to supercharge your career and business in 2022

How to supercharge your career and business in 2022

Over the last two years, the pandemic has changed everything for business leaders and their employees. Many organisations reverted to ‘survival mode,’ as changes were forced upon them - and they could only react.

Now, as the year comes to a close, there is a growing sense of reinvention in the workplace. The disruptive changes of the last 24 months mean that many businesses are now capable of working in a more agile, flexible and collaborative way.

Employees are increasingly being empowered to upskill their knowledge, and business leaders are reassessing the qualities they – and their teams – need to demonstrate to drive their company into 2022.

If you recognise that this January is the right time to reset, reassess, and recommit to your career goals - or to develop the skills within your team – then consider the benefits of training to increase productivity, reconnect with your team, and rise effectively to any opportunities that 2022 may bring.

Take an active role in supporting your workforce

Successful businesses in 2022 will need to take an active role in supporting their existing workforces through training, reskilling or upskilling.

As individuals, we are becoming increasingly proactive in our approach to lifelong learning and career development, with January often seen as a natural time for a change in direction.

If you’ve got rising stars in your team with leadership potential, ask yourself if you could be doing more to support their personal and professional development so they remain fulfilled and excited about their future role within the company. Our leadership and management courses will enable your employees to unlock their potential and excel in their chosen field.

Make time to invest in yourself

Investing in yourself is a boon at all stages of your career. In the modern business world, adaptability is key to growth – and the right training will increase your skillset.

But there is so much more you can do to complement your investment in training. Make time to listen to relevant podcasts, seek out informative videos online, or further your development by working with an Executive Coach, who can share their wisdom and knowledge with you to create a development plan to hone your focus on your 2022 goals.

Explore all paths

There is more than one path to success, and believe us, none of them are straight. If you’ve inadvertently wandered down a dead-end in 2021 and are feeling overwhelmed, 2022 offers the perfect opportunity to build your career resilience to bounce back stronger.

By learning to envisage setbacks as exciting opportunities – an increasingly important skill to master in the current climate – you can reignite your drive and set a new course on a different path.

Join London Training in 2022 on a career resilience course that will help you to plan a long term strategy to build a better future.

Stay curious

Curious people are open to investigating new opportunities, meeting different people and fuelling growth.

If there is an area that you’d like to explore further or a soft skill that you feel will add to your personal and professional development, then start asking questions and be prepared to act.

Take action and get ready for career success in 2022

Our London Training team are on hand to offer advice on the right training course for you or your team, to empower the exploration of new skills, opportunities and possibilities.

Plus, attend a London-based course this January and we’ll say thank you with a FREE iPad Mini for every delegate. If you are determined to make 2022 the year that you supercharge your career, then contact our training executives today to request your course overview.

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