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How will the training course meet my learning needs? November 1, 2019

How will the training course meet my learning needs?

How will the training course meet my learning needs? 

Today in our, ‘most common questions,’ mini-series, the common question we will address is, ‘How will the training course meet my learning needs?’

At London Training for Excellence we understand that every individual has a different learning style, different learning goals and a different level of expertise.

At London Training for Excellence we ensure that no matter the group size, we cater for each and every individual’s learning needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality courses that are immediately relevant, day to day on the job. In order to achieve this, we ensure that we find out what your learning goals are!

Before every course we will send you a pre-training questionnaire, so that you can tell us, and we can understand exactly what your needs and goals for the course are.

Our trainers and team will receive this information and review it carefully to ensure that where it is possible, we can tailor the content specifically to meet your requirements.

We take into consideration what you already know about the chosen subject and your level of expertise on the knowledge.

We ask for your expectations of the course and what you are hoping to gain by participating in it.

We also ask you in the questionnaire to identify what style of learner you are. This is essential for us as it enables our trainers to deliver the course in a style that is most effective and beneficial for you.

At London Training for Excellence, we recommend identifying the learning styles as presented by the VARK, learning questionnaire. If you don’t already know your learner style you can take the questionnaire on the VARK website to identify which learner style you are.

VARK presents 4 different learning styles that are Visual, Aural, Read/write and Kinesthetic.

A Visual learner prefers the use of images, maps and graphs to understand new information.

An Aural learner prefers receiving content through listening and speaking. Group discussions, stories and chats work best.

A Read/write learner prefers notes, lists and texts in order to learn.

A Kinesthetic learner prefers a hands-on approach, for example practical exercises, experiments and cases.

No matter your learning style we will be able to cater to these different styles!

Our pre-training questionnaire is essential in getting to know you, so if you would like to experience training that is tailored for your individual needs, why not contact London Training for Excellence today!

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