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Is online learning for you? It's not for everyone. November 27, 2018

Is online learning for you? It's not for everyone.

Is online learning for you? It's not for everyone.

For many years there have been questions about online education. Many people will think back to their time in a traditional classroom and can’t fathom that learning can be done outside of the classroom. There have been wide debates regarding the traditional system of education. There have been a growing number of secondary schools in England that have been labelled as “underperforming” with one in eight falling below the government’s new minimum standard. The department for Education has shown 365 secondary schools falling below standards last year.

There are other problems with the traditiona; education system such as the price of higher education has risen from an already hefty £3,000 per year to £9,000 per year even though a degree has lost all of its value. There are many graduates that believe that a traditional degree has been a waste of money because they are still unable to find a job. There has been class shortages and over crowded classrooms when they are running.

There are millions of students from around the world that opt for online learning or at least take short courses London. Online learning has been the greatest revolution in contemporary education, this has opened a great opportunity for people that would like to learn something.

Online courses aren’t for everyone though and it is important to not get sucked into the stereotypes that believe that these online courses don’t amount to a real degree. Here are some of the pro’s and con’s of online learning that might help make your mind up to whether it is for you.

Advantages of online courses:

  • With an online course you can learn whatever you want without the stress of moving to another city, being in a competitive environment or travelling away from home.
  • Being enrolled on an online course means that you can complete the training course UK in the comfort of your own home. No longer will you have to attend classes for hours, sit in uncomfortable chairs or be bound to physical sessions. You will also be able to save money on your travel and food when you are out.
  • The online courses in London are much cheaper than the ones that are held in the campus settings. This can vary from course to course but still is much less than the traditional courses.
  • When you are looking at online courses you may notice a self-paced label; this means that you will be able to learn at your own pace and time. You can arrange a learning schedule that meets his individual needs.

Disadvantages of online courses:

  • Most of the online courses don’t have the correct accreditation so it is important to find the course that is actually worth the money. You can get the accreditation information from the governing body.
  • There is no sense of face to face interaction, this may seem obvious but students tend to underestimate the impact this has on them. You won’t have any students or teacher to discuss your work with.
  • Online courses have deadlines for assignments and tests, this might be a problem for students that have a problem with time management. There isn’t anyone that can help or motivate you on a regular basis.
  • Online courses require more reading and assignments than traditional courses. Students have to do to prove that they have mastered the material.

Not sure on the benefits of online training courses? We at London TFE can help you pick the right courses in London and kick start your desired career.

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