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Is the training course accredited? October 18, 2019

Is the training course accredited?

Is the training course accredited?

At London Training for Excellence we understand that booking a training course can be difficult, so our team of international professional training consultants have decided to start answering some of our most common questions, for you to read about here in our blog.

We have also begun releasing some short videos on our YouTube channel to help you answer these questions. Subscribe to our London Training for Excellence channel on YouTube, so that you don’t miss out on these weekly videos!

So, what is one of the ‘most common questions’, that we will tackle today?

One of most common questions is… “Is the training course accredited?”

At London Training for Excellence, our courses are officially, accredited by a range of professional bodies, to give your training an extra quality guarantee.

Our training is accredited by the CPD – Continuing Professional Development standards office. It is accredited by the ILM and it is also accredited by the OCN Credit4learning body.

Furthermore, we are also quality certified by the world’s most widely adopted Quality Management System, ISO 9001.

Today the accreditation we will focus on is the CPD accreditation. The CPD – Continuing Professional Development – is an internationally recognised training accreditation that ensures training is of a high standard.

In our blog last week that answered the question, “How long does a training course go for?” we touched on CPD. We mentioned that as part of your training you will receive 20 hours of CPD accredited activity.

CPD accreditation is so important as it is recognised by many leading bodies of workplace sectors and workplace regulators. Anyone who works in a regulated sector or is a member of a professional body is likely to be required to progress their CPD in order to progress their qualifications.

Even if you do not work in a regulated sector or are not a member of a professional body, your CPD accredited training will be an outstanding addition to your professional portfolio. Your CPD hours will provide evidence of your commitment to learning and will give you a competitive edge in the workplace.

In our blog and video next week we will discuss more about the ILM accreditation. We will answer another common question in relation to accreditation which is, “What is an ILM certified course?”

If you have any further questions about CPD or our training accreditations please contact so that we can help! For more information you can also follow the link here

Alternatively, if you would like to submit a, ‘common question’ for us to answer please send it through and we will try to respond with a blog or video!

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